February 23, 2013

TGIF on Saturday! Nostalgic Nail Lacquer As If

Apologies, I ended up doing my nails sort of late last night, so I postponed this week's  TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday!  until today!! This week's polish is 'As If!' from indie brand Nostalgic Nail Lacquer. I remember Nostalgic being one of the first indies EVER and that sort of made me stop and perk my ears up (or rabidly search the internets and then dance with glee while drooling about cool handmade lacquer, pretty - right?). Anyhoo, As If! is from her Totally Buggin' Collection, inspired by the movie Clueless! This is a glitter top coat - is a mix of small matte pink glitters, with satiny white and black glitters in different sizes. Please note this polish does include a lot of bar glitters, which is not for everyone.

look! the pointer finger looks so cool!

So, this polish is pretty cool in moderation!! I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it looks over my pointer finger where I applied it in a single stripe - makes me think of a very cool abstract painting or something! When dabbled all over my nail as one 'coat', I find it to be sort of messy and distracting - but I blame this generally on my base colors and nail length. I am excited to try this again with new base colors - light purple? orange? Lighter colors seem to do a better job of showing off all the colors in the glitter (too dark and the black glitter gets lost).

One thing that sort of rubbed me the wrong way about this polish is that it arrived rather un-full. How disappointing to pay $11 for a polish, open the package, and find it looks as empty as if someone had done at least like 3 manis already?!?! This is a thickly packed glitter top coat and a little goes a long way, so it's not like I'll be running out anytime soon, it's just generally disappointing.

snapped this blurry photo before using it; this is how it arrived :'(

Now I'm curious, do you have this polish? Love it, hate it, meh it? I really love the way it looks when I applied it sparingly over the lighter blue shade! Not sure if I love it overall, tho.

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer polishes are available at the Nostalgic Nail Lacquer store. You can view updates and new colors on the Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Facebook page and more on the NNL website.

I purchased my particular bottle through Overall Beauty, who I really like and recommend. This polish is currently on sale at her site for $6 (here)

Don't forget to check out Kirsten's TGIF post over at Geeky Owl; she reviewed a polish from Elixir Lacquer yesterday!


  1. Ok, this looks fab on your pointer finger! That stinks about the fill level, maybe it's just the settling because of so much glitter in the bottle? Maybe?

  2. Super cute glitter! It looks crazy cute on your pointer finger! :)


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