February 4, 2013

Recreated butter LONDON NYFW VEDA Nails

I wanted to do some nails inspired by other nails from NYFW, instead of actual fashion because I'm a rebel, I guess? So I tried doing something similar to the very cool look that butter London did at the VEDA show for New York Fashion Week this past fall (see the original look here). I didn't copy it exactly, but I sort of wish I did because I think their's is cooler than mine. Mine is super fun in person, but an absolute pain to photograph. Let's take a look!

how it "normally" looks

shift in progress!

blurry macro of the shift

My base colors are an ombre of Zoya nude shades, then I did a simple swipe down the middle of each nail with Essence Where is the Party? - sort of reversing the bL idea of a shimmery base with a creme stripe. Where is the Party? is one of those silver-pink-purpley-green multi-shifting polish, but it's not my favorite combo of colors. I think this Essence polish in particular is more opaque and shifty than some of it's counterparts. The stripes down my nails are different lengths on purpose, but I think that makes it look messy so I would definitely strive for more similar stripes next time I try something like this! I think this is an easy and fun way to dress up an older mani, or make something go from work appropriate to something more fun!

Check out the other fashion-inspired nails below!


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