February 6, 2013

I ○ Damien Hirst

I'm bending the rules just a smidge again today and doing a skittle set based on different Damien Hirst pieces! My favorite contemporary artist is Damien Hirst; his stuff makes me really stop, stare, and think about it for a long time. I think it's just the over-the-top factor that really gets me! Plus he mixes dead things with bright colors, and I like both of those things. Let me explain that by saying that I did a forensic summer camp once, and before college I was juggling my choice of careers and almost went down the forensic pathology or forensic entomology path, but chose industrial (product) design instead (so similar, right?!). Anyhoo, here are my DH tribute nails.

From pointer to pinkie my nails are inspired by these outrageously awesome and crazy expensive Damien Hirst & The Row collaboration bags (and his multicolored pill artwork), For the Love of God (the diamond encrusted human scull), one of many dot paintings (inspired by substances), and the drippy skulls from the Damien Hirst x Rankin exhibit. I loved doing these and I think the look really great together! The only thing I might change would be the silvery nail; irl I like the contrast of the silver foil with all the cremes, but it's just not as awesome as I had hoped. Then I tried putting rhinestones all over....also not good (see below)


Overall tho, I like these. I also want one of these pins. I mean to be honest, I want to own the crazy expensive bag and the dot paintings. But I will settle for some pins.

Check out the other artsy nail art below!


  1. These are really good! I'm not a fan of the artist, but I love your interpretations!! Great job!!

  2. Love this! Ooh and love the artist too! Haven't really heard much about him but his skulls look familiar.


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