February 21, 2013

Blog Sale Special Offer!

PLEASE! Help me get these polishes out of my house!!! So, I'm offering you a deal:

Make Your Own Grab Box//Mailer - a Choose Your Own Adventure in discounted polishes!

Chose either a flat rate box (which holds up to 8 bottles) for a packing fee of $5 + $6 s&h = $11 for 8 bottles ($11.63 invoiced with PP fees)

Or a flat rate mailer (fills up to 20 bottles) for a packing fee of $10 + $6 s&h = $16 for 20 bottles of polish ($16.78 invoiced with PP fees)

**Any of the $1 and $2 polishes listed on my blog sale page are fair game, and I'll also accept one $3 bottle per customer

**this special offer is for domestic USA purchases only, sorry

**If paid before 9am EST Friday 2/22, I can ship out same day (i.e. I'm going to the PO tmrw before noon), otherwise packages will be shipped on Monday

**all of these boxes/mailers include a tracking number

email me: manicurity (at) gmail (dot) com after making your list from the polishes available on  my blog sale page

Please help me out, y'all!

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