February 19, 2013

Abstract Sketchy Skittles

I was browsing through my vault of photos of 'nails past' and found these cute abstract sketchy skittles on more rounded nails. It's funny, I always change my mind about what shape I wish my nails are whenever I see photos. I've been rocking square-ish ones so far this year and I think they're maybe my favorite shape... but then again, who knows?! Thankfully nail shape is easy and quick to change if you want (unlike other things I like to change, i.e. my hair)! Anyhoo, here's some cute nailz 4 U

I doodled some random graphics over a skittle set of different layering combos with Sally Hansen DVD. Sorry about the extreme claw position of that second photo; sort of too hilarious not to include, tho, righ?

Now I'm curious, what's your go-to nail shape? And are you into layering topcoat effects like SH DVD? I like them, but forget to use them o__o

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