February 28, 2013

ABC: O is for Opposites Attract

Ah, finally - a magnetic polish is gracing my blog with its presence! I snagged Orly's Opposites Attract in the clearance section at Ulta a few months ago. This is not my first magnetic polish, but it is the first that I've done a full swatch of (and then blogged, versus playing around with it//showing it off as a party trick - srsly, people love it at parties for some reason!). I was really pleasantly surprised at the opacity (ONE COATER) and I loved the dark blue sparkly color it became once it was magnetized. The Orly magnetics were maybe the most expensive ones released that I know of and they had the different patterns sealed in wrapping to the bottle handle - a pro and a con because you can't switch the patterns or colors. I really wanted the weird curved c or x shape that this blue color came with, so it worked well for me!

with flash!!!

I did not use a magnet on my ring finger; I just wanted to show you what 1 coat of the polish alone looks like - a sort of frosty denim blue color. I used the curved C magnet that came with the polish on my pointer and two different magnets from the Rite-Aid brand polishes on my middle and pinkie. I did my middle nail first and did not keep the magnet steady long enough. The formula on this Orly magnetic was really great! While I like this color a lot, I'm not sure that I really love magnetics all that much. Did you hop on the magnetic trend? Are you wondering what to do with them now that you have them like I am...?

Don't forget to check out the other 'O' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! See you back here next Thursday for a 'P' polish!!


  1. Very pretty! I have a few, not Orly, and they hardly get used now. Need to find a cool new way to use them. Thinking cap is on! :)

    1. I saw a magnetic gradient once and it was SO COOL. I think they're also great bases for glitters because they have depth with the pattern, but I like to swatch my glitters over cremes so people can see the glitter better :p

  2. I cannot get magnetic polishes to look good on me, so well done for that lady!


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