February 14, 2013

ABC: M is for Mazo

This week's ABC post is Cult Nails Mazo, a sheer golden polish with gold flecks. Mazo was part of the  'Let's Get Nekkid!' Collection from 2012. Here I'm showing you just one coat of Mazo, with my regular OPI Natural basecoat and SV. I love love love this polish and never want to be without it! 

One coat is my preferred way of wearing Mazo because it only takes one to hide my stains and give it a really pretty, dressed up look. Two coats borders on that sort of awkward verge of 'must cover the VNL' ick, but two and three and more coats just gets thick and gross for me (you can wear it that way, I just don't like to wear this one that way). I think I need to grab a back-up bottle of this because I love it so. You can check out Mazo on the Cult Nails website >here<

Now here's a mini review on the brand itself, since I don't think I've ever written about the company itself before!
Cult Nails is an independent, small family-owned polish brand, but not a handmade, hand-poured polish brand. The Cult polishes are still formulated in a lab of some sort, and they've had instances in the past of coming out with duplicate polishes to Icing polishes (apparently their lab really likes to promote the same polishes/finishes to multiple companies without filling them in very well). Overall I like the Cult Nails brand; they wrap their polishes in nice little burritos with recycled materials, are incredibly personable on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and have some interesting colors. Essentially when I love a polish of theirs, it's a true, burning passionate love. However, I am disappointed that their prices have gone up because I am an avid sale shopper and it's going to be harder to get a good deal on a brand that's only offered online (even their free ship boundary is very high at $75 for domestic USA purchases). There's also been some drama lately about the diamond earring giveaway to celebrate their 2 year anniversary. I'd much rather the price of the polish stay the same as it was before than there be diamond earrings in the first place, but maybe I'm in the minority on that one. I know that polish prices in general are going up this year and it's a real bummer, y'all!

Anyhoo, tl:dr
I love Cult Nails Mazo, it is amazeballs and I like wearing it at only one coat. Sometime soon I need to try layering it over another color because I love gold fleck-y topcoats (just like every other polish person and their mom, right?!)

Don't forget to check out the other 'M' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! See you back here next Thursday for something 'N' e w!!


  1. Ooo, I don't know about this polish. It's beautiful in the bottle but there's not much to it on naked nails. Thanks for sharing

  2. Beautiful polish and you have such lovely nails too!


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