February 14, 2013

A Look Back at the 31 Day Challenge! *collage heavy*

Yayayayayay! We're all done with the relaxed 31 Day Challenge! I love making collages and reminiscing, and I hope you do too! The massive collage above has 30 of 31 posts; can you tell which one I left out? Anyhoo, here's a little recap of the different weeks and I'll highlight some of my faves. It's always fun to do this challenge because it inspires you to work really hard, but it can still burn you out (even when you take a month and a half instead of 31 straight days to do it).

Psst. all the captions are links to that particular post. If you'd like to see all posts from this challenge in one place (but not a collage), click > here < for the tag.

Red thru Green
We got off to a sort of uhm...less than inspired start. My first two manis from this challenge make me cringe, but for yellow and green days I stepped it up! My yellow marble and green camos are two of my favorites. Also watch how long my nails get by the end; I am really bad at keeping my length consistent >.<

Blue thru Rainbow
This was one of two weeks during the 31DC that the Digit-al Dozen themes overlapped. As a whole, I don't think I have ever been more proud of myself than during the 'art' week. I got to use a lot of different techniques and recreate some of my favorite pieces of art.

Gradient thru Flowers
There were some real ups and downs with this week. My three favorites are the 80s double gradient, the nautical Konadicure over a milky glitter, and the tiny flowers.

Delicate Print thru Galaxies
Another solid week! I really loved the 'delicate' nails, but they were hard to capture in photos. I also liked my v-shaped stud placement for half-moon day.

Watermarble thru Book
Oh man! Two definite stand outs from this week - that awesome watermarble and my Jurassic Park nails. I love love love my raptor nails!

Fashion thru the Supernatural
There were two manis I really hated from this week, but the other three I really really love! My pattern, artwork, and flag nails are da bomb dot com.

and finally...
I did two cool VD manis this week, inspired by a tutorial and recreating another look, but we're in the middle of Digit-al Dozen Does Love & Heartbreak, so I'm sure you'll see them recapped at some point.

Do you have a favorite? Have you ever done the 31 Day Challenge and/or does this inspire you to try it now??


  1. Awesome! You had some beautiful jaw dropping manis! It was fun doing this again with you! Thank you for putting it all together!


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