February 4, 2013

*500 Follower Giveaway: A CMYK-themed Polish Pack!* closed

Yay hooray! I've made it past the 500 follower milestone! I feel like this is a big one, because 500 people is a heck of a lot of people! Whenever I feel sad or discouraged about my 'follower count', I think about how crazy and overwhelmingly awesome it would be if I had to stand at the front of a room of 500 people and give a presentation on my nails (like what if this blog was really just a slideshow for lectures or some crazy ish?). Or if I had done a nifty lil design on my nails and I had to sit while 500 amazing humans walked by and they all said "hey, neat!" I have been at the front of a lecture hall with hundreds of people before, I had to head butt someone in front of said hundreds of people for a physics lecture, and it was terrifying and awesome.

You guys rock! Each time I look at that widget with your tiny, happy faces on it I feel so loved and supported. I am also so thankful that we've gotten here with basically no giveaways. I feel like I've earned it and I want to hug all of you!

So what are we celebrating and what are you getting?! I am so thrilled to be celebrating 300+ blog posts, 500+ followers, and 98,000+ blog views. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my glittery heart for clicking and liking and looking and following and viewing and sharing and being here, with me, on this vast space of Internets.

Jesse's Girl Girls Night Out, SH Magenta Moves, CC Almost Famous, Zoya Raven, Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones, ChG Snow Globe, Julep basecoat, Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love, Revlon Liquid Quick Dry

I am really excited about this prize package and I hope you are, too! It is nine bottles in total, spanning lots of different brands - 4 polishes (3 cremes, one subtle shimmer), two glitter top coats, a basecoat, matte top coat, and a 'quick dry' product. Included is also a pack of purpley/pink and white marbled dual ended dotting tools; 5 tools, but 10 different dot sizes total. Btw, all items are brand new and full-sized!

YES! This is open internationally! It ends 12AM March 2nd EST.

Thanks so much y'all! Seriously, thanks for sticking with me so far ;p

PS. For more helpful hints about giveaways, I highly recommend this page by Glitta Gloves - complete with screenshot explanations of how to find direct links to tweets, a better explanation of how to find your GFC name, etc.


  1. Congrats on 500 followers, it's hard work isn't it! xo

  2. Congrats on 500!! :) I just reached 500 myself not too long ago. It feels good to get there with minimal giveaways because then you know without a shadow of a doubt they are here strictly to see you're talented work! I've been following you for a while and look forward to you're 1000 follower milestone!

    1. Yah girl! Thanks so much! Also, how was I not following you?!?! I LOVE YOUR BLOG OMG.

  3. entered thanks ^^
    GFC Francesca Scirpoli


  4. Thank you for an awesome giveaway! Look forward to your posts :)

  5. New follower--I love giveaways(not because its a chance to get polish) but because I ALWAYS find new blogs to follow--I'm a new polish-er and unsure about making a blog,but thank you for this opportunity and congrats!:)

  6. Congratulations and thanks for the opportunity! Here's to 500 more!


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