February 12, 2013

31DC X Digit-al Dozen: Heart-sy Gradient

Today is the very last day of my beloved relaxed 31 Day Challenge! While I am sad to see the 31DC go, I am looking forward to doing nail art ideas without any prompts!! Today's final challenge is 'recreate a mani' and I chose to recreate a heart-themed manicure from Pinterest, because this week is also Digit-al Dozen Does Love & Heartbreak. Don't fret, tho, because I have a feeling you might see some 31DC recreations from me in the near future. I recreated this stamping mani from Sweet Sugar as best I could with my resources.

mmmmm macro

I don't have the same Konad plate as the original, but I have a semi-similar Bundle Monster image that I went ahead and used. I think my recreated mani has a very similar feel to the original, and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome because it's so different from any of the usual things I do. I used 1 coat of the butter London Nail Foundation flawless basecoat and it is amazeballs; I love it so much because it dries matte and somehow covers all of my horrific yellow staining. Then I sponged Zoya Gloria on my tips, and I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage at only two rounds of sponging! Next I stamped the ends with plate BM20 and some Konad white polish, and filled in some of the dots with pink and black. A strange combo indeed, but a fun result!

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  1. so gorgeous - that last photo is just delish x

  2. Oh my gosh I love these! The colors are all so perfect together!

  3. This is absolutely adorable. I wish I could create such beautiful nail art.

  4. I love these and they are just in time for Valentine's Day!! Seeing all your fabulous nail art makes me wish I was good at nails...but I fail miserably every time I attempt nail art. lol

  5. I love this!! You always managed to squeeze in so many techniques while still ending up with a clean, classy finished loook! *jelly*!!


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