January 13, 2013

Wrap Up vol. 4

Digit-al Dozen does ART Week

Hello hello! Hope your 2013 has been absolutely lovely so far. I thought it was time for a good old fashioned wrap-up // update post now that I'm into the swing of things here at Manicurity headquarters. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Atlanta lately and in the middle of January?! It's crazy-awesome! 

Lacquistry's Witches Warts

Recent Highlights

Glam Green Camo (from 31DC Green Nails)

Current [Less Polish-related] Events
- Working on some branding and stationary mock-ups in Photoshop (possibly while watching GG); super fun!
- Applying to real, scary-times 'career' jobs
- Sketching and planning out nail art for next week (yay relaxed 31 Day Challenge)
- Sorting the polish stash (an on-going, forever thing)

Mellow Yellow (from 31DC Yellow Nails)

Upcoming Content: This Week + Beyondddddd
I've decided to feature a new list widget on my blog sidebar that's updated with all of the upcoming posts for the week! So now you'll be aware of what I've got on the horizon without having to guess :D I've listed all of the 31DC prompts for the week, the ABC Challenge for Thursday, and TGIF on Friday. I'm also really excited that I have some indies to swatch for you this week (aside from TGIF)! 
  • The relaxed version of the 31 Day Challenge will run through the middle of February! We're done with all the simple color-related prompts and are getting into patterns this week.
  • ABC 'Challenge' posts are swatches (and sometimes art) of different polishes with names that match the letter of the week. The posts are run on Thursdays and will continue through the end of May (to get through the whole alphabet!). Polishes that start with I, J, and K are up for the end of January.
  • Digit-al Dozen weeks are usually the second week of each month and involve 5 days, Monday-Friday, of some sort of fun theme. February we'll be posting the 11th through the 15th
  • TGIF stands for Thank Goodness Indie Friday; on Fridays I showcase swatches and reviews of indie polishes

So tl;dr = I'm posting M-F through January and February, sometimes double posting on Thursdays and Fridays if I can't combine the 'theme' posts. 

I'd like to work an EOTD or 'beauty' post back into Tuesdays in the near future because I really like doing EOTD posts, but I feel too busy right now with the 31 Day Challenge and I don't like posting too many things all in one day.... It seems like my EOTD posts get good feedback, so I hope it's cool to keep doing them?! I know my blog is for me, so I can kinda do what I want but I can see it being sort of confusing for a fan base if there's not really a niche subject, ya know?

here's a macro sneak-peek of a TGIF 

Free 4 Haul 
I have tried to be well behaved so far this 2013 (at least after spending my Christmas spending money). One present to myself was the entire set of uniliners from Lime Crime which I was a little underwhelmed with, tbh. I also got a large package of Lacquistry lovelies when I returned from the holidays (below)!! Yesterday I got a package with a new top coat to try out - HK Girl.

mmmm Instagram'd

Fun Crappy Random Fact: USPS prices are going wayyyy up for international packages soon!!! Make sure you read up on the shipping price changes for 2013 that are being enforced near the end of January; they're changing both domestic and international rates.

That's all for the beginning of January and 2013! I wish you an excellent week and a great year, too :)
~ Em

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