January 29, 2013

Under the Stamping Sea with HARE Oceans of Alloys + ManGlaze ILF

My favorite colors lie between green, mint, teal, blue, and periwinkle + glitter. So today I have a perfect combo of all the things I like! I used the copper and gold Essie chrome and stamped over ManGlaze ILF, a shimmery teal matte (more swatches here) and HARE Polish Oceans of Alloys. Oceans of Alloys is a lot more 'normal' blue out of the bottle, while it looks somewhat more teal in the bottle (hence why I thought it would be a good idea to layer it over ILF, but this is a story for a different review). I stamped some of the other images off of my beloved Konad S6 plate; honestly if I had to save one plate in a fire (because stamping plates could burn?), it would hands-down be S6. Anyway, look upon my glittery goodness!

Lovely! I love how the chrome stamping matches the gold glitter in the polish (show off!) and just overall want to hug my nails all day :D I pretty much only want to stamp over glitter; it's a sickness. But it's allllll good, because it never looks bad!

Check out the other inspired by color manis below; I feel like all the blog posts will be full of gushing about different colors and I can't wait to sit down and oooh and ahhh with them.

Tomorrow are starts the challenges that I usually wrinkle my nose at - inspired by a SONG? A movie, a book?! But the 'hard' challenges usually have the best outcomes!


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