January 22, 2013

Totally Tribal, Dude

Ah, tribal nails - another one of my almost downfalls in this challenge. I think tribal nails are super cool! But I don't always know what qualifies as 'tribal' or not. No matter, I forged ahead and did this nail art loosely based off of tribal tattoos.

The base polish was one easy coat of Cult Nails Mazo (a sheer, golden polish that masks stains), then I freehanded the patterns with black acrylic paint - my first time using acrylic paint in my nail art! I really need to bone up on some brush-trimming tutorials because I wasn't super pleased with the detailing on this, but I do like the idea and the nails overall. My favorite is my middle nail!

Check out the other tribal nails below!

Tomorrow is GLITTER and I am really excited !!! :D


  1. I think the best part of tribal nails is that it is up to your interpretation! I think yours look great! :)


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