January 25, 2013

Sally Hansen Insta-Galaxy

Hey y'all! Sorry this post is a little late today, but I spilled half of a giant new bottle of acetone allllll over my wood office/polish desk when I was doing some clean up on these galaxy nails. Thank goodness acetone dries quickly, but it did do some damage on the items on my desk - all the colored paint brush handles have melted off [onto my hands], and some labels have fallen off bottles, etc. O__O Anyhoo, I like galaxy nails a lot because they are an easy way to make a huge impact and I think they're pretty simple to achieve. While I was doing these, I thought these were going to look really awful, but lo and behold they look nice!! I mainly used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes in this one (Blue Streak, Mint Sprint, and Lickety-Split Lime), but I think the things that really top it off (har har) are the tiny touches of black to give it depth, plus some tiny copper glitters and some flakies as highlights.

Check out the other galaxy nails below!

That's all the relaxed 31 Day Challenge posts for this week since it's FRIDAYYYY; I'll see you back here on Monday with new stuff. But *pssst* I might have a fun post this weekend with a *cough* giveaway *cough* since I've made it past 500 followers!


  1. These are just stunning! I've only attempted a galaxy manicure once but I was on Etsy today and stumbled on some galaxy infinity scarves and was thinking about how great a galaxy mani would be when I saw this in my reader <3

  2. These look really great! And I can only imagine how mad you were when the acetone spilled. I did that once to my parent's coffee table and I swear I'm still grounded for it!

  3. I love galaxy nails, and these have great color ! :)
    you should check out this review I did for born pretty store,
    would help from spilling acetone! :D have a great day

  4. Love them! It's funny because when I was doing mine, I thought they looked awful too. Guess we just need patience and to see it through! :)

  5. Sorry about the spill, but this mani looks great!


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