January 23, 2013

Mermaid's Dream, embellished

GLITTER IS MY FAVORITE COLOR. So today I present to you a crazy mermaid-y mani for 'glitter' day. I had some loose large holo hex gliters that I [forgot about, and then found it like right before this day] and thought it would be fun to use as an accent for today's theme.

I hand placed the large holo hex glitters in a mix of colors between green and teal; I wanted them to look like scales on a fish so I started at the top and worked down hoping to get a good overlap. I was semi-succesful, I'd say. Then I went riffling in my 'opaque glitter drawer' of the Helmers and dug out Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream, which was a perfect match color wise. I used two thin coats of Mermaid's Dream; it was really easy to work with! Finally I added some extra large holo hexes to the other nails as accents to tie it all together. This was super over the top and crazy fun to wear. I could definitely see myself wearing full on glitter nails, like the ring finger, for a special event of some kind. It looks sort of messy in photos, but looked a lot awesomer in person.

Psst. Here is a semi-awkward video of me showing you my sparkly nails :p

Check out the other GLITTTTERRRRSSSS below!


  1. I just love this DL Polish & the added hexes make it even more "mermaid like"

  2. WOW! This is too freaking awesome! Not to mention absolutely gorgeous!! Beautiful nails lady! :)

  3. "Glitter is your favorite color"! Bah! Love it! And that ring finger.......freakin' gorgeous!


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