January 31, 2013

Hey, Rad Raptor

Today's post is worth the wait, guys! The prompt for today is 'inspired by a movie', so I picked an excellent movie based on an equally excellent book - Jurassic Park!! I've got some clever velociraptor (haha) inspired nails to share with you :D

My base color is two quick coats of Zoya Dree, then I stamped over it with my beloved reptile skin/lace pattern (I think it looks like lace, anyway) from the BM-215 plate with a mix of brown and green. I based my raptor skin off of the description in the book, 'dark body with reddish stripes like a tiger', so I tried to get a splotchy, stripey stamp. I was really pleased with my stamping on this one since I used two non-stamping specific polishes, and I think this is my first successfully stamped image with multiple colors (that I like, at least). I think maybe my pointer finger is more successful in terms of being stripey in photos, but it looks sort of lame in real life - and vice versa with the other nails (cool irl, crap in these photos). Then I used some acrylic paint to do the eye on my middle finger! Acrylics seem fun to work with in general so far, but I definitely need to take some time to trim some brushes down.

Wondering what other movies inspired nails today? Check it out below!


  1. Love these! You did a fabulous job! This is my daughter's favorite movie too...only she still cries when the dinos die.

  2. These. Are. Awesome! You really did such a fabulous job with these--first thing I thought of when I saw the top picture, even before I read the intro, was the scene where the gamekeeper spots 'head' raptor waiting for him in the bushes and just goes, "Clever girl..." (<--my favourite line in the whole movie)

  3. I LOVE IT! I just watched this movie last week...at least I think it was last week. What a creative dino mani!

  4. Oh my goodness! These are fantabulous! Love! Wow! :)

  5. YESS!! Velociraptor! I love it! Awesome job :) I love when they're in the lab closer to the end of the movie and one of them taps its toenail against the floor. XD


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