January 1, 2013

Are you Red-y for the 'Relaxed' edition of the 31 Day Challenge?!

You guys! I am so excited to be re-doing the 31 Day Challenge this year with Kirsten from Geeky Owl. We basically met while doing this challenge together last year and I asked her if she wanted to give it another shot to see how we've improved. But this time we're building in some sanity breaks and allowing ourselves the weekends off. I am also super thrilled that there are new bloggers for me to get to know better that are joining us in this challenge.

So, on to the point of this post - my 'red' nails today are sort of simple and sort of super sparkly. I wanted to use some new untried holiday reds for today. My original idea was a flop, so I removed everything and tried again and ended up with this fun contrasting-finish mani.

China Glaze Red Satin, a jelly-ish red, is on my pointer and middle nails; it needed two coats. Color Club Berry and Bright is on my ring and pinkie nails with some China Glaze Grape Pop accents. The Color Club polish, Berry and Bright, is awesome and only needed one coat! Unfortunately I couldn't photograph the China Glaze polish very well; it looks rather orange in these photos, but I think it's more maroon in real life.

Please check out the other ladies' nails below, and you're welcome to join in if you'd like to!

Too funny; I used a holiday red China Glaze last time, too!


  1. I like the different accent nails you did. I love my ring/thumb accent so I don't do others.

  2. Love these! Especially the purple line at the tip!


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