January 28, 2013

Acidic Swamp Marble

I felt really blech about 'having' to polish my nails today, so I asked my boyfriend for three color suggestions to get me going. He said green, black, and teal so I used those colors for my watermarble'd nails! I knew I didn't want to marble all of my nails, simply because I'm impatient, and that way I could focus on making the marble-y nails extra awesome. I have started taping instead of using Vaseline before marbling, and that has helped a lot. After painting and marbling, I added some dots on all nails to tie them together. I am super proud of my index nail marble!!

Custom Kicks, black, Spring Green, Twiggie (maybe?)

Hooray! Love these nails! So thankful for the color suggestion and of course the prompt from the 31 Day Challenge to get me going today.

Don't forget the other watermarbles below!

Tomorrow we're getting into the 'inspired by' posts, which are always a fun challenge and let people get to know you better (movies, books, songs, etc.)!


  1. so classy and complicated!!! Kudos!

  2. oooooh! i like, it looks very swampy, in a glam kinda way!!

  3. Those look great! Nice color choices!

  4. Ooh! Love the index! Looks sort of like a butterfly wing!

  5. That's such a pretty water marble!


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