January 24, 2013

ABC: J is for Just Busta Mauve + Studly Half-Moons

My original half-moon design for today's relaxed 31 Day Challenge went really wrong and turned into a weird 80's circus design... So I've got a double-duty post for you today! Just Busta Mauve, from Nicole by OPI, is my 'J' polish for today's ABC Polish Challenge and I embellished it with some cool square studs to make it half-moon worthy.

On my pointer and middle fingers I painted 3 coats of Just Busta Mauve by itself, and on my ring and pinkie I've layered just 1 coat of Just Busta Mauve over 2 coats of Sinful Colors Winterberry. Winterberry is a plumy taupe color with silver shimmer and I thought it would bring out the light blue sparkles in Just Busta Mauve. I really, really like Just Busta Mauve!! I was surprised it became so opaque so easily, but for future applications I will probably still layer it with something. This polish is crazy pretty and I'm sooo glad I finally picked all of them up at Target!

I *think* these cool square studs are from the Dollar Nail Art store. I really like them a lot because they're large enough to make an impact when I need one! I love the contrast of the somewhat badass square studs vs. a pretty glitter polish. Simple and effective, I totally see myself wanting to do something like this again in the near future (just no awkward stud french tip next time)!

Check out the other half-moon designs below!

And finally, don't forget to check out the other 'J' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! See you back here next Thursday for 'K'!!


  1. Love this! And I love all the non-traditional half moons done today!

  2. What a stud! Haha! I had too! But seriously, love this! :)


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