November 30, 2012

TGIF: Happy Hands Stuffed!

This week's TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! is 'Stuffed' by Happy Hands!! I wore Stuffed over FingerPaints Catwalk Queen for my Thanksgiving NOTD. Love this festive polish with its great mix of glitter finishes. I did just one coat of FingerPaints Catwalk Queen and one coat of Stuffed on my ring fingers and thumbs, with some glitter tips on the other fingers. 

From the Happy Hands description, "A mix of matte and metallic glitters in brown, lime, white, red, yellow, orange, garnet, and more - it's a cornucopia of warm-toned glitters!"  The bottle is also STUFFED with glitter and it took me forever to get it off; I love it. My favorite parts are the twinkly holo green glitters and the magenta bar glitters. This does have bar glitter, but they are shorter and thicker than traditional bar glitter so I don't get the 'hairy' heebie jeebies from this polish :D

I wore this on vacation, but if I had been at home I would have maybe added a drop of thinner. As I said, this is one super stuffed glitter! I also experienced a lot of chipping with this combo for some reason (something that really doesn't happen to me that often, sorry for the bragging haha). However, most likely the chipping was my own fault for not wrapping my tips very well and/or bad prep (the remover I used was 'protein enriched' or something; a different one than what I usually use and definitely not regular acetone) so I'd have to wear this again before I'd really know if the Happy Hands formula chips on me or not.

Now I'm curious, do you have this polish? Love it, hate it, meh it? I LOVE IT for Thanksgiving!! I'm not sure how I'll wear it out of season, though.

Happy Hands are available on their Etsy store ($10) and at Harlow & Co. ($11). You can view updates and new colors on the Happy Hands Facebook page and on the Happy Hands blog!

Don't forget to check out Kirsten's TGIF post over at Geeky Owl!

Happy Hands still has a sale going on over on Etsy; not a ton of colors left (those puppies sold out fasssst), but a great deal if you like the colors that are left!

November 29, 2012

ABC: C is for Catty!

Perhaps I have mentioned that I was using this ABC series to use some of my untrieds, but if you didn't know or had forgotten let me remind you that I am using this ABC series to use some of my untrieds :p

Today is C day and I pulled out dusty, ol' Revlon Catty because I knew it had been sitting in my drawer, just waiting so patiently for it's day in the spotlight! That day is today, but there were none of the  magical polish fireworks of joy that I was expecting at all :( In the bottle Catty looks like a really interesting metallic chameleon of a polish - a molten gold, taupey, silver-flecked bottle of liquid awesome. On the nail, I thought this was pale, shiny blah. Look for yourself!

Two coats of Catty over Cult Nails Get it On basecoat. The formula was pretty great - creamy and opaque - and I thought it looked fine at one coat, but did a second to see if the color would get more interesting.

Revlon Catty was part of the LE Fall 2011 Edgy Elegance (*gasp* last year?!) - a collection of 8 metallic pastel colors. I think Catty looks fabulous here on Kelly from Vampy Varnish, which is probably why I bought it to begin with! But now Catty is going to live in a new drawer - my deep, dark 'sale/swap' drawer until she finds a new home to live in.

Do you have any of the polishes from the Edgy Elegance collection? Love 'em, hate 'em, meh?

Don't forget to check out the other 'C' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! And we'll see you back here next Thursday for 'D'.

November 27, 2012

Orange, Blue, and Green all over featuring Sugarpill Lumi

I have recently decided that duochrome eyeshadows are my new everything mostly because I am lazy and you can make them look really cool and complex with minimal effort. Then I realized I still hadn't used my Sugarpill Chromalust loose eyeshadow Lumi! Lumi is a white shadow with blue and green sparkles which are brought out more prominently when used over a dark base. I thought it would be fun to try layering Lumi over an orange base since orange is the complimentary color to blue.

My orange base for this look was Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour in Fierce & Tangy and I smudged it with my finger to the outer half of my eyelid. Next I patted Lumi on all over my eyelid. I used a teal eyeliner under my eyes and extended out in the corners (obvs). I can't remember if it was my trusty tealish Jordana liner in Sea Green or Urban Decay Junkie. I think these photos look stunning, but I don't remember loving this look in person - a lot of sheen (duh, what was I expecting, right?!). Sorry I'm not sure about all the details; I wore this look a few weeks ago!!

Products Used

- Urban Decay Primer Potion original primer (HG for now)
- Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hour in Fierce & Tangy
- Sugarpill Lumi
- teal eyeliner
- Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Light (under my eyes to conceal!)
- Maybelline Eye Studio MasterShape Brow Pencil in Blonde
- Bare Escentuals Buxom mascara in Blackest Black

Do you like this look? Do you wear loose eyeshadow often? I bought some excellent samples from Darling Girl Cosmetics, but I don't think I can be a loose eyeshadow kinda gal in the mornings when I don't have a lot of time.
Give me all your loose eyeshadow knowledge!

November 22, 2012

ABC: B = Black Spotted!

I got my mitts on the elusive OPI Black Spotted from Sephora France by way of a friend in Germany and then another friend in Ohio!! I'm still sort of playing with it, but I wanted to show you one of my experiments with it for 'B' day. Here is OPI Black Spotted over my Digit-al Dozen TGIF mani of Dollish Polish Random Dancing over Sally Hansen Barely Beige (you can see the original here). I thought this looked pretty cool, but not super cool (i.e. good, not great). I think a more solid base color without speckled glitter would look much more fun! I think it would look great over a gradient. If you have Black Spotted, what's your favorite way to wear it?

Do you have Black Spotted? Love it, hate it, meh it? OR are you still trying to get your hands on it?

Don't forget to check out the 'B' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! And we'll see you back here next Thursday for 'C'.

PS. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate the holiday! Mine was nice :D

November 20, 2012

Lorac Sweet Temptations Collection: 'Tease me Truffles' EOTD

I recently swatched the plum palette from the Lorac Sweet Temptations Eyeshadow Collection (the candy bar eyeshadow set exclusive to Ulta). I also did an eye look with it! You can check out my swatch & review post here. Below is my plummy EOTD!

I applied the three darker shades in the palette in a fan shape from lightest to darkest by patting them on the lid and blending between the colors. Then I went back and used the light, shimmery highlight color in the inner corner of my eye and across the top of the colors to blend into my brow highlight. Apparently I really love applying my shadow in a winged shape, since you've seen that in like every EOTD post from me ever. Ah well, it is my favorite!

Products Used
- Urban Decay Primer Potion original primer (HG for now)
- all four shades of the Lorac Tease Me Truffles palette
- Clinique Quickliner in Violet (smudged along lower lashline, just in the corner)
- Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Light (under eye concealer)
- Maybelline Eye Studio MasterShape Brow Pencil in Blonde
- Maybelline Dream LumiTouch Highlighting Concelear in Radiant (under eyebrow) 
- Clinique High Impact mascara in Black

Do you like this look? Does this eye look match your impression from my swatches?! Have you tried Lorac eyeshadows before?!

November 18, 2012

Lorac Sweet Temptations Ulta Exclusive: Tease Me Truffles Palette swatches

I picked up the Lorac Sweet Temptations Eyeshadow Collection that is exclusive to Ulta when I had that wonderful 20% off of EVERYTHING (including prestige items, oh me oh my) coupon in October. The sales lady was all "look at this deal" and I was all *_* so in the basket it went. In store I was really impressed by the texture of the shadows and the pigmentation when I lovingly stroked all the colors. I thought I'd share some swatches and thoughts on the first palette I've played with from this set, the Tease Me Truffles Plum Eyeshadow Palette. Apologies if this wittle swatch/review isn't super helpful to you since this is just one palette of four from the set, but I am planning on using/swatching the other three very soon! The nice thing about each small palette is that they have a highlight shade, two mid-range shades, and a definer to make eye looks easier.

soft artificial light

Where to purchase: Ulta exclusive; either in stores or here on their website

Price: Set of 4 eyeshadow palettes was $36USD (a full-sized Lorac eyeshadow retails for $19, so the implied value is $304 but the shadows in the palettes are not full sized!!)  

Packaging: Adorable! Each palette has 4 shades in a sturdy, thick cardboard packaging. There is a mirror in each palette. The details are lovely - shiny gold foil, pressed lettering, etc. It's all made to look like chocolate bars and it's very pretty (can you tell the packaging really sold me on this set?!) :D However, the shadows are not named or labeled anywhere on the palettes themselves, the box, or the internet.

Product Description: "This season, satisfy your beauty cravings with LORAC'S Sweet Temptations Eyeshadow Collection! This deluxe assortment of sweet, tempting treats contains a luxurious selection of fresh colors for eyes that you simply can't resist. The 4 lavish faux Chocolate Bar Palettes are infused with ultra-rich color and velvety-smooth texture for a variety of eye-enticing looks. LORAC Sweet Temptations - one of life's affordable luxuries!"

My Thoughts on the Formula/Wear Time: For how pigmented and smooth they are on my fingertips, I was fairly disappointed with my very first time using these shadows. It's not that these shadows lack pigmentation, they just are so nice on my finger bits that it is a little disappointing to feel like I have to work, pat, and layer it to get it to show up on the lid. I did think these required a decent amount of packing on; or maybe I need better different brushes? Without primer I think these would be too sheer for some people, but I always use primer, so that doesn't bother me. I did an eye look with this particular palette that I only wore for 5-6 hours, and there was no fading or creasing over a primer when I went to remove!

These quick finger swatches were taken with flash on the left and indirect sunlight on the right.

Swatches were taped off on my arm; I used a large, flat eyeshadow brush and patted the eyeshadows all over. The right half of each swatch is patted over Urban Decay Primer Potion (I drew a line with liquid eyeliner so you know which half is which). Thoughts about each shadow follow the photos. Here we go!

There are no names of the shadows, but I'm starting with the lightest shade on the left side of the palette and working towards the darkest color on the right side. The first photos are in flash, the second in indirect sunlight.


Highlight shade: this is a light, silvery lilac in the pan. Swatched on my finger it is like a bright, slightly pink toned white with silver sparkle. Swatched on my arm without primer it is basically just sparkles, not very much actual color. Swatched over primer it is more of a pinky-purpley color with lots of shimmer; it looks like it's been foiled.


Light shade: this is a light rosey pink in the pan. These pictures do not really show off how pretty the shimmer looks in this eyeshadow! This is a great all-over shade for lazy days for me. Swatched on my finger it is rosey light pink, very similar to the pan shade. Swatched on my arm without primer it is sort of a light brown/tan color with some light shimmer. Swatched over primer it is more of a red-toned tan color with lots of rose gold and tiny green dots of shimmer.


Medium shade: is the weirdest one in the bunch from finger to arm to eye swatches. It looks really patchy in these photos, but I didn't have any patchiness when using this color on my lids! This one looks very plummy in the pan. The fingertip swatch of this one makes it a lot more vibrant, darker, and more blue-based purple. The arm application makes this look like a very very brown based plum. This shade is really pretty! I like that it's a chameleon and can be that neutral brownish plum, so it's a soft spot of color. It has lighter fuschia-y-purple shimmer, which stands out from the base more than the shimmer in the 'light' shade.


Darkest shade: is a soft grey with rainbow sparkles. In the pan it looks black. On my fingertips I always thought/hoped it would be a dark, dark purple. On my arm without primer it's a really light, uneven charcoal grey. Over primer it deepens quite a bit and the sparkles really come out! I don't wear 'true' black that often, so I love that this is such a soft color without primer that could be smoked out really nicely.

direct sunlight; look at the rainbow sparkles!

All of the colors in this palette have shimmer and/or glitter, which doesn't provide a lot of variety. I think they all look better over primer! I really like two of the colors - the light and medium shades - but could live without the other two. Overall, the colors work really well together and as a whole, this is a nice little palette for plummy ladies!

Final verdict: I like it, but I don't love it since I only really ♥ two out of four colors. If you consider each palette in the set to be $9 for four eyeshadows that means each Lorac eyeshadow is $2.25. That's less money than any drugstore eyeshadow singlet which seems to run about $3.5ish (Covergirl, Maybelline) but less product for the Lorac shadows. It's not a "better" value than some of the stellar multi-eyeshadow products available in drugstores - hello, Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone 8-pan palette for $5?!?!. I'll have to use the other 3 palettes in the set before I have a true final verdict, though (obvs)!

Do you have any Lorac eyeshadows? Love em, hate em, meh em? Any suggestions?!

PS. This is my first time doing eyeshadow swatches and a review! How'd I do?!

November 17, 2012

Edited: Some Announcements!

Hi all! I've got 3 things I need to share with you!

1.] My 'Manicurity Learns Rafflecopter' giveaway ended on a Friday at midnight (instead of Saturday at midnight)because I don't know how to read calendars when making a Rafflecopter widget. Which is a good thing to learn, and the entire point of the giveaway :D This will come in handy for my next giveaway that will be awesome and huge!!

A winner was picked and emailed, and her package has been sent out! Congrats to Gizzele A!!

2.] I am aware of the strange pop-up box that's happening when you come to the site. I am not 100% sure what it is yet; from what I've read so far it's probably some sort of sidebar widget that uses javascript that's upsetting 'Google code'. It shouldn't affect your computer or your ability to view the site in any way; if you hit 'cancel' it continues on as usual. I am working on it!! And I hope it'll be fixed by the end of this weekend because it annoys me, too. If anyone has any experience with the same problem, please let me know in the comments.

Edited to add: I have identified and fixed the problem! I had an older 'Pin it!' button code in my blog's HTML that was calling on an old code from that didn't exist anymore, which is why the box kept popping up. Please let me know if you do continue to see the box; thanks!!

3.] The status of the polishes on the 'Blog Sale' page has been updated. There are still lots of awesome stuff available, please check it out. I'm hoping to put some new polishes up sometime this weekend, too!

Thanks for reading!
- Em

November 15, 2012

A B C It's easy as 1 2 3

Woo hoo! I am so excited to be doing an ABC Challenge with two my favey blogger friends - Bee and Kerrie!

Today I have AEngland Ascalon with Essie A Cut Above to share with you. Both of these sat in my untried pile for a long time, but I knew that I would love them both dearly and tenderly when the time came to use them ;D

indirect sunlight
Ascalon is a "steely grey" with "lavender fire" (from their website). The little holo particles in it make it shine a little bit green to my eyes sometimes, too! It's a very beautiful grey color that I could see being used a lot for light, neutral events (can you tell I don't actually know what 'work appropriate' is?!). The little holo particles give it a really soft, suede-ish look to me. Different artificial lights make this look pretty interesting both inside and outside; unlike some other slightly holo-ish polishes (yeah, I'm looking at you Catrice Dirty Berry, you only look good in direct sunlight)!

macro taken with flash

A Cut Above is part of Essies' permanent LuxeEffects line and I think it's really pretty, too! I like the proportions of the different sizes of the hex glitters in it; really nice sort of spray paint effect on the nail. Pairing the light rose color of the glitter with the grey was kind of a subtle choice for me, but I quite like it.

indirect sunlight; see the purple?!

Don't forget to check out the 'A' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! And we'll see you back here next Thursday for 'B'.

November 11, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up vol. 3

[ Aren't these paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz amazing?! ]

Hello hello! Things have been sort of busy here at Manicurity, but I don't want to jinx it by saying too much about how much better I've been about posting because that inevitably ruins things. I cannot believe we are so far into NOVEMBER already, right?! This year is truly flying by! Soon I'll be spending some time home for Thanksgiving, and then it will be December. Thanksgiving is probably my family's favorite holiday, but mine is definitely Christmas!

- Photographing and cataloging to update the 'Blog Sale' page
- Clearing my desk so I can paint better and work on things
- Applying to real, scary-times 'career' jobs
- Designing/sewing guinea pig cage accessories (yes, really.)

Candeo Colors Poison Frog macro

Upcoming Content: This Week + Beyondddddd
Working on untrieds, more EOTDs using and testing some of the new eyeshadows I've gotten, testing a new brush kit and some other drugstore items, an ABC Polish Challenge, TGIF!s and the rest of the usuals :D

Lust List vol. 2

Nail Trend I ♥'d Lately: IDK why, but I love these! From NaomiNailsNyc

Free 4 Haul 
I have picked up a few things recently. I think I'm the most excited about two of my drugstore purchases - the Milani brow kit and the Maybelline Lumi highlight concealer pen thingy from my 'Drugstore Lust List' post

Weekly Piggie Picture(s)!
source: Tiny Tangerines
Not entirely sure what is happening in this photograph, but the guy in the back is Kumamon.

Pig Train!
Here's a photo of my babes hanging out in the kitchen while their cage gets cleaned out; cage cleaning and photograph courtesy of their piggie Dad. From back of the pig train to front: Kikko, Sabi, (Momma) Baby Bear

Fun Random Fact: Have I told you yet that the new dog that lives next to me is named Emma? Just imagine how fun it is to be doing normal things in your house and almost constantly hear a man yelling "EMMA. EMMA. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! STOP THAT! COME HERE! STOP BARKING!!" etc. Her dog friend is named Abigail.

That's all for the beginning of November! I wish you an excellent week ahead :)
~ Em