December 31, 2012

The 6 Most Popular Manicurity Posts from 2012

Don't worry, you didn't even have to vote on these - you 'voted' with your views! Here's a round up of my top 6 most popular posts from the past year based on views. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it was a mix of comparison posts, a swatch post, two nail art posts, and a 'monkey see monkey do' style post. I did, however, leave out the blog sale and giveaway posts from my 'most viewed' since those aren't really content based.

Let's start with number six and work our way towards number 1, shall we?

In 6th place was a comparison post between different gold fleck style topcoats - #6 Gold Fleck Topcoat Showdown. I did this back in April when more 'shard' like topcoats were still new and I think the only actual gold topcoat on the market then was Rococo. Now there's so many options of real gold topcoats! But in fact I still prefer these non-gold ones because I don't feel nearly as gilty (har har, thanks for the pun Zoya) when removing glitter vs. gold.

#5 was sort of a shocking surprise to me because it was a such an easy breezy design, but it's my Mothman-inspired 'This is Halloween!' challenge nail art. I will not underestimate the majesty of the fan brush again!

#4 was an entry into a nail art competition for the Rainbow Honey Equestria collection, featuring My Little Pony Friendship is Magic nail art inspired by Rainbow Dash! I really loved doing those nails; the eye on my thumb was my very favorite.

#3 was a layering post that I 'copied' from Sarah at Chalkboard Nails for 'Monkey See Monkey Do' featuring Revlon Royal layered over some flakies in an unconventional jelly sammie. Looking back at this post definitely makes me want to try some fun layering combos again soon!

#2 was a swatch post! I am sort of excited and proud that a swatch post got so many views! I did swatches and comparisons of all the Orly Electronica Back to School polishes.

And finally my #1 most viewed post in 2012 was.....

*drumroll, please*
Perfect drum roll! (via Peadoodles)

...a comparison between the Revlon limited edition holiday polishes from the 'Just Add Sparkle' display with some popular Deborah Lippmann polishes! For the full post, click here.

Where these my favorite posts from the last year? Nope! Although I do remember feeling particularly proud of my MLP:FIM nail art and my Orly swatches at the time. I'll be posting a round-up of my favorite nail art posts from the last year shortly :D


  1. I don't know if i remember seeing Mothman. I tell you what tho, it is sooooo creepy, you captured that edginess really well xx

  2. I really really love #5! I knew it as soon as I saw the picture it was Mothman - I used to love that movie in High School!

  3. So nice all of nail art designs :)



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