December 15, 2012

BadAss Polish Bling! Swatch & Review

Hey, y'all! I have another beautiful BadAss Polish to share with you today and this one is called 'Bling!' - a combo of silver and gold glitters. Bling! is part of their core line and is not limited edition. I've got a lot of pictures again for this one, because this is one beautiful polish. I'll show you some swatches and then talk about my thoughts and experience with this polish at the end. All photos were taken in indirect, natural sunlight and over two coats of Revlon Emerald, a green creme (i.e. no interfering shimmer). Let's go!

Here's one coat of Bling! - very delicate and pretty.

Here's two coats of Bling!, which is my preferred way of wearing it (two coats that is, not necessarily over Revlon Emerald haha). Two coats looks really jewel-encrusted, but still shows off the base color that it's layered over.

Here's two coats of Bling! with one thick coat of Essie Matte About You on top. This glitter top coat is really graceful and delicate when matte!

Where to purchase: the BadAss Polish Etsy store here

Price: $8.50 for a full sized (.5 fl oz) bottle of glittery goodness

Packaging: BadAss polishes ship in sturdy tubes, wrapped in a layer of felt to use to remove your new glitter polish. The bottles are square, which is easier for storage, and the handles are simple but comfortable to use. Labels wrap around two sides of the bottle and include the polish and brand name. (Photo of shipping tube below)

3-Free? Yep! NO Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), NO Formaldehyde, NO Toluen

Official Description from BadAss Polish: "Bling" is a glitter nail polish that was inspired by my husband's wedding band which is a combination of platinum and yellow gold. This polish has a combination of gold and silver glitter of various sizes. This works well as a layering polish but also can be built up for full coverage with a few coats.

My thoughts on the formula: Because Bling! can be built up to opacity, I found this polish to be a little globby in the bottle and on the brush but it was still really easy to paint with! It sort of sticks together in a ball, but that almost makes it easier to paint with because it isn't slipping off the brush. I really love the combination of glitters and how delicate and graceful it looks on the nail. It is very blingy and sparkly, but without being chunky, bumpy, gritty or any of those other negative things I think of when I think of glittery polish.

Overall: I highly recommend these! If you've ever been nervous or skeptical about indie or handmixed polish, this would be a great brand to start with because the formula is a dream to work with - on par with any traditional brand.

shipping tube, Go Pack Go! (previously reviewed here), felt

More info about the brand: the BadAss Polish Facebook Page | the BadAss Polish website 

*Product(s) in this post were provided for my honest review

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