December 20, 2012

ABC: E is for Emerald

Revlon Emerald is from their Top Speed line, which is one of my favorite but often overlooked set of polishes (even in my own stash). I really like the old school Revlon bottles and I like how quickly the Top Speed polishes set so that I can paint another coat if need be. Plus the Top Speed yellow, Electric, is like the only yellow I don't absolutely hate to use since it only takes me two coats! Emerald, my polish for this week's ABC Challenge, is supposedly a more opaque dupe for OPI Jade is the New Black but I don't have JitNB to compare. Who doesn't like a more opaque dupe tho, right?! I used two coats for this swatch, but it could've passed with just one coat had I been a little more careful painting.

PS. There are some weird stripes on my nails - they are not ridges in my nails or anything bad in terms of application, promise! I was wearing a navy and white striped shirt when snapping these photos and didn't realized they'd reflect so much *smacks forehead*

Do you have any Top Speed Revlon colors? Are there any sub-brands that you overlook in your stash?

Don't forget to check out the other 'E' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! And we'll see you back here next Thursday for 'F'. 


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