November 3, 2012

TGIF: Candeo Colors Poison Frog

I thought that Blogger was ready to post this yesterday, but apparently it was taking some R&R. So here is TGIF on a Saturday!

This week's TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! is Poison Frog by Candeo Colors. This is my first and only Candeo polish to date; they used to be so hard to snag during restocks! I grabbed this bottle off a blogsale on the cheap. This polish is incredibly sheer; more like a glitter and shimmer effect top coat in one. I don't think this polish would ever become opaque on its own (maybe like 6 coats, but pfffttt). All photos in this post taken with a combination of sunlight lamp or flash.

From pointer to pinkie: two coats of Poison Frog by itself, one coat over Essie Armed & Ready, 2 coats over FingerPaints Catwalk Queen, one coat of Poison Frog over 2 coats of Orly Fresh

macro of Poison Frog 

Candeo Poison Frog, Essie Armed & Ready, FingerPaints Catwalk Queen, Orly Fresh

Now I'm curious, do you have this polish? Love it, hate it, meh it? I LOVE IT over Essie Armed & Ready!

Candeo Colors are available on their website ($9) and at Llarowe ($11). You can view updates and new colors on the Candeo Colors Facebook page!

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  1. This polish is gorgeous! I have it on my wishlist!

    1. If/when you get it you MUST try wearing it over Essie Armed & Ready. They are srsly made 4 each other - it looks so good!


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