November 17, 2012

Edited: Some Announcements!

Hi all! I've got 3 things I need to share with you!

1.] My 'Manicurity Learns Rafflecopter' giveaway ended on a Friday at midnight (instead of Saturday at midnight)because I don't know how to read calendars when making a Rafflecopter widget. Which is a good thing to learn, and the entire point of the giveaway :D This will come in handy for my next giveaway that will be awesome and huge!!

A winner was picked and emailed, and her package has been sent out! Congrats to Gizzele A!!

2.] I am aware of the strange pop-up box that's happening when you come to the site. I am not 100% sure what it is yet; from what I've read so far it's probably some sort of sidebar widget that uses javascript that's upsetting 'Google code'. It shouldn't affect your computer or your ability to view the site in any way; if you hit 'cancel' it continues on as usual. I am working on it!! And I hope it'll be fixed by the end of this weekend because it annoys me, too. If anyone has any experience with the same problem, please let me know in the comments.

Edited to add: I have identified and fixed the problem! I had an older 'Pin it!' button code in my blog's HTML that was calling on an old code from that didn't exist anymore, which is why the box kept popping up. Please let me know if you do continue to see the box; thanks!!

3.] The status of the polishes on the 'Blog Sale' page has been updated. There are still lots of awesome stuff available, please check it out. I'm hoping to put some new polishes up sometime this weekend, too!

Thanks for reading!
- Em

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