November 18, 2012

Lorac Sweet Temptations Ulta Exclusive: Tease Me Truffles Palette swatches

I picked up the Lorac Sweet Temptations Eyeshadow Collection that is exclusive to Ulta when I had that wonderful 20% off of EVERYTHING (including prestige items, oh me oh my) coupon in October. The sales lady was all "look at this deal" and I was all *_* so in the basket it went. In store I was really impressed by the texture of the shadows and the pigmentation when I lovingly stroked all the colors. I thought I'd share some swatches and thoughts on the first palette I've played with from this set, the Tease Me Truffles Plum Eyeshadow Palette. Apologies if this wittle swatch/review isn't super helpful to you since this is just one palette of four from the set, but I am planning on using/swatching the other three very soon! The nice thing about each small palette is that they have a highlight shade, two mid-range shades, and a definer to make eye looks easier.

soft artificial light

Where to purchase: Ulta exclusive; either in stores or here on their website

Price: Set of 4 eyeshadow palettes was $36USD (a full-sized Lorac eyeshadow retails for $19, so the implied value is $304 but the shadows in the palettes are not full sized!!)  

Packaging: Adorable! Each palette has 4 shades in a sturdy, thick cardboard packaging. There is a mirror in each palette. The details are lovely - shiny gold foil, pressed lettering, etc. It's all made to look like chocolate bars and it's very pretty (can you tell the packaging really sold me on this set?!) :D However, the shadows are not named or labeled anywhere on the palettes themselves, the box, or the internet.

Product Description: "This season, satisfy your beauty cravings with LORAC'S Sweet Temptations Eyeshadow Collection! This deluxe assortment of sweet, tempting treats contains a luxurious selection of fresh colors for eyes that you simply can't resist. The 4 lavish faux Chocolate Bar Palettes are infused with ultra-rich color and velvety-smooth texture for a variety of eye-enticing looks. LORAC Sweet Temptations - one of life's affordable luxuries!"

My Thoughts on the Formula/Wear Time: For how pigmented and smooth they are on my fingertips, I was fairly disappointed with my very first time using these shadows. It's not that these shadows lack pigmentation, they just are so nice on my finger bits that it is a little disappointing to feel like I have to work, pat, and layer it to get it to show up on the lid. I did think these required a decent amount of packing on; or maybe I need better different brushes? Without primer I think these would be too sheer for some people, but I always use primer, so that doesn't bother me. I did an eye look with this particular palette that I only wore for 5-6 hours, and there was no fading or creasing over a primer when I went to remove!

These quick finger swatches were taken with flash on the left and indirect sunlight on the right.

Swatches were taped off on my arm; I used a large, flat eyeshadow brush and patted the eyeshadows all over. The right half of each swatch is patted over Urban Decay Primer Potion (I drew a line with liquid eyeliner so you know which half is which). Thoughts about each shadow follow the photos. Here we go!

There are no names of the shadows, but I'm starting with the lightest shade on the left side of the palette and working towards the darkest color on the right side. The first photos are in flash, the second in indirect sunlight.


Highlight shade: this is a light, silvery lilac in the pan. Swatched on my finger it is like a bright, slightly pink toned white with silver sparkle. Swatched on my arm without primer it is basically just sparkles, not very much actual color. Swatched over primer it is more of a pinky-purpley color with lots of shimmer; it looks like it's been foiled.


Light shade: this is a light rosey pink in the pan. These pictures do not really show off how pretty the shimmer looks in this eyeshadow! This is a great all-over shade for lazy days for me. Swatched on my finger it is rosey light pink, very similar to the pan shade. Swatched on my arm without primer it is sort of a light brown/tan color with some light shimmer. Swatched over primer it is more of a red-toned tan color with lots of rose gold and tiny green dots of shimmer.


Medium shade: is the weirdest one in the bunch from finger to arm to eye swatches. It looks really patchy in these photos, but I didn't have any patchiness when using this color on my lids! This one looks very plummy in the pan. The fingertip swatch of this one makes it a lot more vibrant, darker, and more blue-based purple. The arm application makes this look like a very very brown based plum. This shade is really pretty! I like that it's a chameleon and can be that neutral brownish plum, so it's a soft spot of color. It has lighter fuschia-y-purple shimmer, which stands out from the base more than the shimmer in the 'light' shade.


Darkest shade: is a soft grey with rainbow sparkles. In the pan it looks black. On my fingertips I always thought/hoped it would be a dark, dark purple. On my arm without primer it's a really light, uneven charcoal grey. Over primer it deepens quite a bit and the sparkles really come out! I don't wear 'true' black that often, so I love that this is such a soft color without primer that could be smoked out really nicely.

direct sunlight; look at the rainbow sparkles!

All of the colors in this palette have shimmer and/or glitter, which doesn't provide a lot of variety. I think they all look better over primer! I really like two of the colors - the light and medium shades - but could live without the other two. Overall, the colors work really well together and as a whole, this is a nice little palette for plummy ladies!

Final verdict: I like it, but I don't love it since I only really ♥ two out of four colors. If you consider each palette in the set to be $9 for four eyeshadows that means each Lorac eyeshadow is $2.25. That's less money than any drugstore eyeshadow singlet which seems to run about $3.5ish (Covergirl, Maybelline) but less product for the Lorac shadows. It's not a "better" value than some of the stellar multi-eyeshadow products available in drugstores - hello, Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone 8-pan palette for $5?!?!. I'll have to use the other 3 palettes in the set before I have a true final verdict, though (obvs)!

Do you have any Lorac eyeshadows? Love em, hate em, meh em? Any suggestions?!

PS. This is my first time doing eyeshadow swatches and a review! How'd I do?!

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  1. Great job. I haven't tried this brand but they are pretty!


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