November 5, 2012

Drugstore Lust List vol. 1

I recently spend some time perusing the local drugstores, but didn't find the things I wanted (or at least not all at the same store, at the same time, at the right price - you know how it goes). Here's a quick list of things I'm lusting after from the drugstore beauty aisles!

From top left clockwise:

  1. Maybelline DreamLumi Touch highlighter + concealer seems AWESOME. I saw it mentioned a lot on Maskcara and now I'm dying to try it. I have really dark circles under my eyes and I love finding new ways to make them look better help myself feel like I'm hiding them. Also check out the post that I linked; it's a great list of products for an awesome 'starter' kit of all-inclusive makeup products
  2. Blush! I feel like I have zero ideas about my skin's undertones (I assume I am light and cool-toned, but who knows?!)but I want more colors of blush and don't even kind of know where to start. So I generally want blush. All the blush. Especially since each time I buy new eyeshadow I say "no, no, this is like totally the last time it'll be blush!" No worries, I might pick up the 10 Blush Palette from Coastal Scents and see what works.
  3. Milani Brow Kit in Light = my next eyebrow endeavor. Currently still using the Maybelline eyestudio waxy pencil (which is viewable in the more recent EOTD posts), but I saw this fab tutorial on Maskcara about filling in your brows with powder and it just looks so good! BTW - I seriously spent like 1.5 days reading as much of when I first found it; really awesome new beauty blog to check out if you aren't already reading.
  4. Colorful eyeliner (liquid and pencil) at prices that won't make me cry it off (altho I guess if it is MUFE, then it wouldn't budge at all while crying about the $$$ - right, right?!). I'm especially prone to liquid eyeliner in fabulously different colors, but couldn't find any. Feel free to suggest some readily available, fun drugstore liquid eyeliner to me in the comments!

Honorable mentions: Sinful Colors Winter Wonder polish. I can't find a stock photo of it and so I feel a little uncomfortable just yanking any ole photo, but it's a $2 dupe for Zoya Fei Fei and I love that!

Also the last LE Wet n Wild 8-pan palette Sparkle 'Til Morning that I haven't found from the 'Where's the Party At?' display (yet...but I will find you, somehow!) There are some photos of the display and palettes over on this Nouveau Cheap post

[crazy cool eyeliner photo, bottom left corner source:]

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