November 7, 2012

Candy Sprinkles! Er...almost

Katy Perry is probably my favorite pop star. I hate to admit stuff like that, because 'pop' music is more of a guilty pleasure/cleaning the house sort of thing for me and not my typical music genre. But hands down, I think Katy Perry is the most entertaining lady pop star - she has the greatest costumes and nails! I've wanted to do sprinkle nails for a long time, so why not do some dotticure sprinkle nails inspired by an awesome pop star during Digit-al Dozen's music week?!

The original sprinkle nails Katy Perry sported were real candy sprinkles encased in layers of UV gel. My nails are just colorful dots under two layers of Seche Vite - mostly because I had no decent candy sprinkles for my nails (I just had the flower shapes you see above and long bars), and also because I wanted to make a wearable version of this fun nail art idea!

All Lacquered Up has a really great informative post about the original candy nails here.

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