November 8, 2012


While music week has been going on, I have yet to divulge a lot of information about my musical tastes! So I thought I'd talk a little bit about my music listening habits by showing you what music-related services I like to use. I really like Vevo, Pandora, 'music' (on an i-Device), and Spotify. All of these photos were taken with flash and I like that they look very pop art and bright. If you're curious about any of the colors, just let me know in the comments!

Music videos still exist without TRL, which is shocking, I know, and I find them really entertaining to watch - especially during small get-togethers. I just love the creativity and variety you can see in music videos; so many interesting choices about wardrobe, makeup, stories, etc. Nicki Minaj is probably my favorite 'artist' in terms of music videos. While the lyrics are pretty bleh, I love watching the "Stupid Hoe" video!

Pandora is my fave while doing tasks - school work, blogging, cleaning the house, everything. Some of my favorite Pandora stations are centered around the bands Cut Copy, Thunderball, Prefuse 73, Lindstrom, and Third Eye Blind. 

My (digital) 'music' collection in iTunes is really old! In junior high I listened to pop and boybands were my favorite. In high school I listened almost exclusively to pop punk; my favorite band was Fall Out Boy. Now I listen to sort of whatever - hence my love of Pandora!

Spotify is great for when you really, really need to listen to a particular song. Lately I've been alternating between blasting two different No Doubt songs - "Push and Shove" and "Settle Down".

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If I had to pick one absolute favorite band, it would probably be Third Eye Blind. What's your favorite band or artist?


  1. i LOVE the ring finger - those colours merge perfectly


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