November 29, 2012

ABC: C is for Catty!

Perhaps I have mentioned that I was using this ABC series to use some of my untrieds, but if you didn't know or had forgotten let me remind you that I am using this ABC series to use some of my untrieds :p

Today is C day and I pulled out dusty, ol' Revlon Catty because I knew it had been sitting in my drawer, just waiting so patiently for it's day in the spotlight! That day is today, but there were none of the  magical polish fireworks of joy that I was expecting at all :( In the bottle Catty looks like a really interesting metallic chameleon of a polish - a molten gold, taupey, silver-flecked bottle of liquid awesome. On the nail, I thought this was pale, shiny blah. Look for yourself!

Two coats of Catty over Cult Nails Get it On basecoat. The formula was pretty great - creamy and opaque - and I thought it looked fine at one coat, but did a second to see if the color would get more interesting.

Revlon Catty was part of the LE Fall 2011 Edgy Elegance (*gasp* last year?!) - a collection of 8 metallic pastel colors. I think Catty looks fabulous here on Kelly from Vampy Varnish, which is probably why I bought it to begin with! But now Catty is going to live in a new drawer - my deep, dark 'sale/swap' drawer until she finds a new home to live in.

Do you have any of the polishes from the Edgy Elegance collection? Love 'em, hate 'em, meh?

Don't forget to check out the other 'C' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! And we'll see you back here next Thursday for 'D'.


  1. You still pull off this polish well emma! Goes lovely with your skintone!

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Too sweet Kerrie!

  2. This color is gorgeous! I can't believe it's Revlon!

  3. It is pretty though. Maybe a good base for some nail art or a dotticure?


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