October 28, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up vol. 2

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Ever have one of those really fun and busy weekends that leaves you feeling the opposite of rested?! That was last weekend for me! But luckily I've been chillin out this weekend doing blog posts, swatching, and enjoying some quiet time alone. Halloween falls on a Wednesday (as if you didn't know, right?!) and it also so happens that my boyfriend is spending most of his time working this weekend, so I think we're saving our fun times for actual Wednesday when one of our favorite formerly-local-to-Atlanta DJs will be in town! There's also so many holiday things out in stores already, it's sort of unnerving how quickly the end of the year is approaching; it's been wonderfully warm here in Georgia lately so it keeps the seasons confusing ;p

This Week's Highlights

Current Events
- My Mom's birthday is TODAY!!!! Happy Birthday, Mom :D
- November happens this week...uh, what? Time flies so fast!
- I have vowed to stop buying eyeshadow [for the time being], since my boyfriend is convinced there are no other colors in the world that still need to be bought...
- Obviously no real current events because I'm drawing a blank about what to put here :-/

I did get my beloved corndog last Sunday, tho!

Upcoming Content: This Week + Beyondddddd
Whenever I don't make promises about content or apologize for posting is, of course, when I feel like posting and blogging is fun again. Now I give you no promises, but I do give you hopes & dreamz! I have what feels like a thousand ideas about everything and I don't see myself running out of them anytime soon.

Nail Trend I ♥'d Lately: placed glitter is jaw-dropping if you are patient enough

Free 4 Haul 
Urban Decay Vice Palette - ehhhh we'll see about this one. I got it Friday, and when I opened it Saturday morning one of the shadows had burst all over EVERYTHING so I exchanged it for an un-broken one and yet...there is glitter all over the packaging and I am skeptical of a fingerprint in the shade Chaos :( For something that was originally $59, I just expect better care to be taken with the product and maybe some guaranteed safety seals on the box or something. Too much to ask?! Anyway, all excitement I felt for this has temporarily waned and I am now too nervous to do anything with it beyond occaionally pull it out of the box and watch how cool it looks to open the top.

Lorac Sweet Temptations Eyeshadow Collection (exclusive to Ulta) - it looks like CHOCOLATE and it is so cool! The packaging is to die for and the implied value is amazing ($36 retail for ~$304 value). This is my first time playing with Lorac items, so I'm really excited. And also I am hungry for chocolate now :) 

There have also been some nail-related purchases. I grabbed a bottle of Piggy Polish Lightmare recently, got a ton of fun nail mail from swaps, was gifted Sally Hansen in Firefly, and the most precious of polish came from Sephora.fr recently, too...!!!! 

Target Beauty Bag came with ots of shampoo samples

Weekly Piggie Picture!

This is Kikko! She looks a lot like last week's guinea because they all look the same to most people. She is named after the soy sauce brand I like the most - Kikkomann ;p She is the smallest and one half of the newer duo of piggies that joined Baby Bear (last week's pig) after my OG pig passed in the spring. This pig is so loud; she legitimately screams sometimes!

Other: Do you have a device that you can play Hero Academy on?! Because I play it on my iPad and we should totally play together if you have it; my username is emtha

That's all for this week! I wish you an excellent week ahead :) And if you celebrate(d) Halloween in some way, I hope it was/is fun and safe
~ Em

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