October 29, 2012


I finally did a swatch of my baby-sized OPI Pedal Faster Suzi from way-back-when and turns out I still don't love pink! So I slimed it up in the spirit of Halloween and because it was fun to make something so pretty so ugly. Don't get me wrong, this polish is really very beautiful, just not a polish for me (unless it's Easter, which is what this polish reminds me of).

As soon as I swatched and knew it wasn't for me, I grabbed the bottle of Orly Fresh from my desk and just swiped it on my tips with the polish brush. It only took a few seconds, which I especially like. Orly Fresh is a very bright green (obvs) and has a typical bright/neon thin formula, which is why the edges are a weird almost orangeish-greenish. I love that this is messy, globby, uneven and ooze-y!


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