October 3, 2012

Halloween-y D is for Dotticure!

Ah, so I've been behind on the ABC Challenge but *drumroll* today I have some 'D' nails. Duhn duhn duhhhhnnnnn! I love doing dotty nail art; it's so easy, fun, and relaxing. I'm dotty for dots! Today's dotticure is inspired by Sarah of Chalkboard Nails and her Day 11 Polka Dot pyramid half moon design. I also used some colors that are one part Halloween-y and one part cool which remind me of her Halloween Needle Marbling mani from last year. Ever had a color combo you couldn't get out of your head? That's how I feel about the green + purple + grey!!

Technical Polish Details
pinkie (black): Random black polish from my desk (I think 'Claws' black, in which case, not the coolest black in the world and requires two coats for opacity) with grey dots
ring (grey): OPI Skull and Glossbones (which has really grown on me!) with green dots
middle (purple): China Glaze Grape Pop (why don't I use this purple more?!) with black dots
pointer (green): Sinful Colors Adventure Island (which I dropped on my foot and got creamy green polish everywhere while doing this mani because I was ~so~ moisturized >.<) with purple dots

My favorite color combo is the grey and green on my ring, then the green and purple on my pointer. I loved this simple nail art on my new nubbins. Nubbins have made my life so easy this week and I'm so thankful!

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So, thoughts? How we feeling about the colors and the nail length? Do you rock nubbins or do you like your nails longer? Let me know!


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