October 6, 2012

Drugstore Display Cam

Sometimes it's fun to take sneaky pictures of cosmetics displays with an overly sized camera - in my case, my iPad. No one has stopped me so far, but maybe part of the fun is how ridiculous it is to take photos in a drugstore? It always makes me feel like a not-sneaky spy :D These photos were taken in one of my closest Rite-Aids, which usually has the most and the newest displays! All of the photos should be able to click-thru for bigger

 Sinful Colors 'Sinfully Magnetic' | It is so cute when 'nail art trends' finally trickle down to drugstore/more affordable polish. While I haven't used any of my magnetic polishes, I never tire of buying new and interesting magnetic colors! I grabbed 'Polar Opposites' from this display - a silver with  blueish-teal glittery bits that flash purple. There is also a massive display of these that I've seen at all of the Targets in my area.

 Sinful Colors 'Enchanted' Display | Oohhh, yay! Fall colors are so pretty! I grabbed Rain Storm after seeing swatches of it on Imperfectly Painted. I passed on the other colors because I feel like I have a lot of dark-ish fall cremes already. However, looking at this picture I am again wondering/tempted about that lighter grey because I'm lemming DL Waking Up in Vegas and want a yellow-toned grey too much...

 Mostly this Maybelline Spring 2011 display is included because it tricked me into being excited that I had found something new for 10 seconds :-/

 L'oreal Brit Invasion and L.A Girl Magnetic polish displays; neither really excited me too much because I didn't find either of them to have any particularly unique colors. There are some gems in the L'oreal collection for sure, but I'm trying to be pickier!!

 NYC LE Halloween display! I might snag some lip duos eventually, but I wasn't moved when I saw it the first time. I went overboard on their black lipstick and lipgloss from last year, so I was trying to be well behaved but the lipstick duos would make an ombre look easy!!

 Revlon Top Speed Fall display 

 Revlon Top Speed Fall display 

Ma.nish.ma eyeshadows and eye pencils - I think these are for black lights?

Colored Maybelline Great Lash Mascaras. Have you picked up any of these? I couldn't decide which color, so I wanted all of them, but can't really afford $20 of random-fun mascaras at once!

City Colour Flutter nail polish display. I haven't heard anything about this brand, but aren't the bottles adorable?

 More Ma.nish.ma crazy stuff; this one is glow-in-the-dark nail polish in cute square bottles!

 Color Club POPtastic collection; hands down, these are some of my favorite cremes because they're vibrant and don't need layering over white. So glad Rite-Aid is going to be carrying more Color Club polishes but sad about the price tag ($5) when the Ross sets are such a great deal ($8)

Now some Halloween-y things!
 Cute nail art sets; a base, three stripers, and a top coat

 Some really cute nail decal 'jellies'

 The pumpkins!! The front section of the display is duos, then some neon-y GitD opal glitters in bases, then some glitters in the back. I think there's some cream shadow palettes there, too, but I didn't even see them while I was in the store because I only had eyes for the pumpkin polishes!

 Huge variety of glow in the dark and neon pumpkins!

 Kiss nail decals in various designs; boyfriend thought most of these were really cute :)

And finally the Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers sets! These ones had the mini polish along with eyeshadow, eyelashes, and a lipstick.

Have you spotted anything cool at the drugstore lately? Do you like these posts??


  1. Fun post! I wasn't too taken with any of the L'Oreal Brit Invasion colors, either... maybe I might have been if I didn't like their New York Nudes so much, but yeah, nothing really new there. The color Brit Invasion is pretty neat, though. I may have to pick that one up. And those Maybelline colored mascaras... I picked up the green one, and it's pretty fun. I need to find an easy shadow look to match. PLEASE pick up the purple one, for me, because that color is sold out like, everywhere in these parts. Let me live vicariously, lol. Speaking of el oh el, that 2011 spring display... really?? (Not you, the store. ;))


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