October 9, 2012

Digit-al Dozen: Zombielicious

Hello all! If you're following a lot of nail art blogs you've already seen a vast array of zombie themed nails today, from adorable to absolutely creepy. Today I wanted to re-do a 'grungy' technique I had done before - but tried to put a zombie spin on it with more morbid colors.

This is a gross, sloppy pic before I did clean up! I thought it was funny and more thematic :p

I used Orly Wild Wisteria as my base color and painted on one quick (sloppy) coat, then immediately wiped it off in the center of my nail with a Q-tip. Then I swiped on a coat of OPI My Pointe Exactly (the grey jelly). Since the process requires the polish to be sort of wet and smeary, I do one finger at a time. This color scheme is a lot closer to the original inspiration - the Emma Watson Elle UK cover nails. Not your typical 'zombie' nails, but I like how it does look a little corpse-y!

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See you tomorrow with more Halloween nail art!


  1. This is great although i am still a little confused on how this works. I really need to try this. Beautiful grunge

  2. Maybe you sohuld do a tutorial! I love the finish it looks so complex


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