October 10, 2012

Digit-al Dozen: Orange You Glad I Did this Comparison?

Today I have a sparkly orange polish comparison post for you! I realized as I was writing this post that it isn't really 'nail art', but I guess if you can think of skittles as "art" then this can still count right?! FYI orange is not my most favorite color; I usually stick with cooler colors (blue, teal, green, purple, etc.). My favorite sparkly, bold orange is China Glaze Riveting from the recent Hunger Games collection - I even bought a back-up!

This is two coats each of the following polishes from thumb to pinkie: Milani Just Juicy, Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Creepy Pumpkin (2011), Color Club Sparkle & Soar, Zoya Tanzy, Milani Glitzy Jam

I started out this comparison wanting to purge some of my more yellow-oranges and specifically I felt like I didn't need to keep Zoya Tanzy and Color Club Sparkle & Soar because the two collections are fairly similar. I picked Creepy Pumpkin to compare along with Tanzy and S&S. Then I had some untried Milanis that were more coral, so I threw them in for good measure. Here are some thoughts about each polish, starting with my pinkie and working my way up my hand in the above photo!

Milani Glitzy Jam: a weird mix of colors. In my hands, the bottle is a sheer coral with silver, blue, purple, and green shimmery bits. I think it looks its best in the above photograph. It is a really bizzare color, but really pretty. Can you tell I don't love coral-y pink-y oranges when all I can say is 'weird, nice-ish'?!

Zoya Tanzy: from Zoya's Sunshine collection last summer (2011). Zoya, and particularly this collection, was there at the very beginning of my new-found nail polish ways a year ago. The colors from the Sunshine collection hold a special place in my nail polish lovin' heart and I don't think I could ever part with them. The glassflecks in the polish are so teeny, it's almost like glittery shards.

Color Club Sparkle & Soar: is more duochromey, opaque, and has larger flecks than Zoya Tanzy. These were the two polishes I was really trying to compare the most in all of this tbh. I ended up keeping both of them!! The Boyfriend said that they were different enough, so that makes it okay :)

Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Creepy Pumpkin (2011): such a pretty polish! But I am impatient and don't like how sheer the base color is, even at two-three coats. The micro glitter is goregous! This polish has since been mailed to a nail polish buddy in the UK because I'm hoping she'll use it more often than I. While I think this is super pretty, I just don't see myself using it very often so it should go to a more loving home :D Unfortunately this polish has not been re-released this year, so aren't you lucky that it's not particularly in focus in any of my pictures?! Just trying to prevent lemmings here, y'all!

Milani Just Juicy: very coral compared to the others. It had a lot of VNL which was sort of surprising and disappointing. I never think 'oh, I should wear a coral-y orange today!' but I think it looks really pretty on my thumb in the photo. It has some fine sparkle bits that don't translate that well to the nail, but do add a little dimension.

tl;dr = They're all different and beautiful in their own ways. Creepy Pumpkin was sent to a more loving home, and I never did make a decision between Tanzy and Sparkle & Soar so they both still live with me. The two coral Milanis are still just that - mostly out of place corals.

one coat
two coats
From pinkie to pointer (i.e. left to right): Milani Glitzy Jam, Zoya Tanzy, Color Club Sparkle & Soar, Wet n Wild Fantasy Maker Creepy Pumpkin (2011)

Don't forget to check out the other Digit-al Dozen posts today! There are some really fantastic ones today. And sincere apologies for the lack of true 'art' today >.<

Hope you enjoyed this comparison post! Are you an orange polish lover?? Which orange polish from your stash is your favorite?


  1. i have sinful colors - cloud 9. about the same color as the one on your middle finger. just to throw out another one people might be able to find if they're looking nfor an orange :)


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