October 8, 2012

Digit-al Dozen Does Halloween!

Hooray! The lovely ladies that make up the Digit-al Dozen are at it again, and this time we have Halloween-inspired nail art. Today I thought I'd start with something simple to kick the week off right - basic rustic orange polish with some golden glitter. I added some black accents to really tip it past "fall" and make it more Halloween-esque.

with flash
This is just one coat (one. coat!) of the new Essence polish Goregous Bling Bling. I put a thin layer of Sally Hansen Gilded Lilly on all tips and then an accent of butterLondon West End Wonderland on my ring finger nail in an attempt to flatter the golden flakes in the Essence polish. Next, I tried to do some skinny french black tips (love me some skinny frenchies), but I slipped up and let my mistake inspire some feathered stripes! I don't love or hate this look; it's just okay. I think it would've been wowsers with just the skinny french tip! Most of the time 'more is more' with nails, but this one seems like it would have been much more if it had been less :D

Please take a gander at what the other ladies have done for today!


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