September 14, 2012

TGIF + Digit-al Dozen Double Whammy

Wooo-eeeee! I have a really pretty combo of indie polishes to show you to celebrate TGIF and the end of Blue Week. This week's TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! is Dollish Polish Dark Passenger with Lacquistry Aqua Shredded as an accent topper on two fingers. This post is semi-picture-heavy because I wanted to try and show the different color shift of the Dollish Polish Dark Passenger from blue to purple to red-ish sparkles.

Don't forget to check out the other ladies of the Digit-al Dozen on this last day of BLUE WEEK!

How do you feel about these two indies? Must haves or meh?

Dollish Polish
is available at Llarowe ($11), OverallBeauty ($8.75), and on her own BigCartel store ($8.75). You can follow her blog here and her Facebook is here.

Lacquistry is available on Etsy ($8.75 ). You can check out her Facebook here. I love her and highly recommend her; she has the most amazing customer service I have ever experienced in the indie market.

Don't forget to check out Kirsten's TGIF post over at Geeky Owl! She's also a part of the Digit-al Dozen; her link is up above in the inLinkz.


  1. The top coat on the index and middle finger makes it look like it has rain drops on it. Very cool! ;)

  2. It's kind of mesmerizing, the shredded glitter over a color shifter.

  3. It's a really pretty combo. You've gotta love a shredded glitter!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous! I also did a TGIF + Digit-al Dozen double whammy! :)


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