September 9, 2012

Project Runway: Starving Artists (Make Outstanding Outerwear!)

Derpy title, sorry y'all! However, the wining team for this week's episode of Project Runway really turned it out. This week had the designers raising money to buy their fabric by bedazzling and customizing t-shirts, bags, and other accessories. I thought the idea of getting them to raise funds for their own challenge was cool, especially when they weren't told what the challenge was until after they had gathered money. Then the teams of three had to create two fall appropriate looks and at least one outerwear piece.

The obvious winner was the Christopher, Gunnar, Sonji team with their fresh and cozy fall clothes!! I really liked the things they made. The other two teams were just ...meh. I was surprised they didn't send more people home at the end of this episode since they didn't send anyone home last week! I thought for sure the weakest link in both of the losing teams were going to go, or maybe more people from the Alicia, Dmitry, Elena team. I don't have a lot of things to say about this episode that are nice - ha! I just have a lot of 'wtf' and 'oh, really?' comments including: what is Heidi wearing this season, did she lose her stylist? Why doesn't someone tell the judges to stop tanning so much? I don't really like the colors chosen by the Melissa, Fabio, Ven team - blush pink for fall..? But there were some great quotes from this episode, too! Dmitry's rants about Elena, and all of Christopher's quotes about Boris & Natasha made my giggle.

Which team was your favorite this week?? Have you been peeking at the fashion week photos of all 8 contestant collections, because I totally have been :D
Don't forget to check out what Bee and Jewli have done for their favorite designs this week!


  1. girl i was wondering about heidi's gear too. she was wearing some ghastly ed hardy sundress last week and it hurt my eyes.

  2. Hahaha! Was thinking that about Heidi too! Love this mani!


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