September 11, 2012

I'm Singing the Blues

Wait! It's not the end of Blue Day 2 yet!!! I promise, because here's my post :D Deborah Lippmann's Lady Sings the Blues has been in my "special" Helmer drawer, untried, for a long time. And now I've finally used it! I did a mini French tip with another DL polish, Lara's Theme, to contrast the blue glitter polish.

This is just one coat of Lady Sings the Blues dabbled on. It's a jelly blue base with silver glitter in it, and it's really very pretty. However, I'm not totally sold on if I like it yet or not... Sometimes the silver glitter doesn't get enough of the blue jelly on top, and it sort of looks like bleeding blue glitter :( I also noticed that I needed an extra layer of top coat after everything was dry, because this polish looks so much better extra shiny and glossy.

How do you feel about this polish? Is this something to stash or swap? The application is really quick (I don't see myself ever needing to use more than one coats), and it is pretty - but I'm not sure about it.


  1. I love that you chose to do a touch of red on the tips.....I absolutely love this and can sense a new trend ;-)

  2. That is very cool! Love the the peak of orange!

  3. This is beautiful. i have often thought of getting this:)

  4. I love these mini frenches you keep doing! They're so cool!


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