September 12, 2012

Frog-esque (Also, A is for Animal Print)

Today is a double whammy post! I'm doing my third post for Blue Week and I've also started a new ABC challenge on Wednesdays. BUT I realized I haven't explained why I'm doing Blue Week yet! 'Blue Week' is this month's Digit-al Dozen challenge. And I'm sure you're thinking, oh okay, what's Digit-al Dozen? Let me tell you! Digit-al Dozen is a group of 12 bloggers that was assembled by Miss Crumpet and each month we'll be doing a new theme for a week; sometimes as simple as a color to inspire a whole week of nails, but perhaps we'll be doing more complicated themes, too. The ABC Challenge is to post sometime each week on Wednesday that relates to a different letter of the alphabet; a letter per week for 26 weeks.

Combining 'A' for animal print with blue week = (hilariously bad) frog print!

"final" version

first version, before I added more details
This pattern is supposed to be a 'Bronce morph' of the Dendrobates auratus. It is SUCH a pretty frog! My attempt at conveying it feels like a total fail! My dots weren't tiny enough and I could have used shimmers to make it look more true-to-photo. I like the idea of doing frog patterns and I hope to practice and improve for the future because they look so dang cool! But their perfect randomness was really hard for me to paint.

How do you feel about this froggy pattern? Froggy fun or froggy flop??


  1. Lovely! I love animal print that's not your typical tiger or leopard.

  2. Haha! Love it! Your index and middle finger almost look like faces. :)

  3. wow that frog is one sexy beast! he's sooooo cute, as is your mani xx

  4. That is one weird frog - amazing what nature throws at us!


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