September 13, 2012

Comfy Contrast

Wow, Blue Week Day Four already! This week is really flying by!! Today's manicure was inspired by a really pretty chair I pinned a very long time ago when I was looking for upholstery inspiration. I used some different images from the DRK-A plate to stamp 'fabricy' patterns on my pointer, middle, and pinkie fingers. There are some really cute and subtle stripes on my pinkie that are hard to see in the first photo, but they're a little easier to see in the collage photo.

chair photo source

Instagram'd bottles - Konad white, Barefoot in Blue, Cordur-Orange, Konad red

I did a row of orangey-gold rhinestones to look like the nails from the chair. I really like how this one turned out! I wish the white images stamped onto the blue were more crisp, but they still look really nice (at least in person). I'm a little obsessed with my pinkie! Not sure if it's apparent without me pointing it out, but the orange does look different on my ring finger than on my pinkie because I layered it over a full 2 coats of the blue paint. Since orange and blue are complimentary colors (across on the color wheel), they make each other more bold looking. Painting the orange over the blue to make it look brighter is a technique called overpainting, and I did it on accident! Then my pinkie looks a lot more red-orange because there's red stamped on top of the orange. ~*the more you know about color theory*~


  1. This is great! Looks chic and vintage!

  2. This is so cool and interesting! :)

  3. I LOVE this. LOVE. Also, I need that chair!

  4. gorgeous - this is your signature type of mani xx

  5. Wow, wow, wow. This is totally awesome. I loved it just from the preview pic, but along with your inspiration it's perfect! ^_^


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