August 10, 2012

TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indie Friday - Candy Lacquer Block Party

I recently got the courage to ask my blogger friend Kirsten if I could join her in her TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Fridays and she said yes! Yay! Weekly indie glitters sounds exactly like what this blog needs :D For my first TGIF I'm going to share one of my favorite indie/etsy brands with you - Candy Lacquer. I think I own the most Candy Lacquer polishes and even got a huge package with EIGHT new ones this week!

Block Party is a ton of different sizes and colors of SQUARE glitter in a clear base. I love love love square glitter! Even if a polish just has some squares in it, I will probably buy it. There is some reflective curling to the squares in this polish which looks worse than it is on the nail. Top coat still smoothes it out; no snaggly corners on these nails! I used Seche Vite and a sunlight lamp to take these photos.

This swatch was one coat of Block Party over 1 coat Cult Nails Evil Queen on my pinkie and middle fingers, and over 2 coats of Ludurana Marmorizado polish in Carraro. Ludurana Marmorizado Carraro is a 'yogurt' polish, essentially a milky base jelly sammich in one bottle! That's why those nails have extra teeny pink, purple, and holo glitters - the small glitters are not a part of Block Party.

You can check out Candy Lacquer on Etsy (there's some stuff in stock right now!) and Facebook. Her polishes retail for $8 and her shipping is super quick! I'm not totally sure if she still has this polish available, but she has a variety of glitter and top coat polishes to choose from :)

Please check out Kirsten's post today - she's showcasing one of my lemmings from Once Upon a Polish!! And thanks again for letting me join in on TGIF :)

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  1. Ahh! Welcome welcome! Love this polish! I'm a sucker for square glitters too! :)


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