August 10, 2012

Pusheen + Ice Cream nails

This mani was brought to you by the cute cat Pusheen eating ice cream + the waffle nails by Gold Speck Nails that I saw on her 'Friday Friends' post on The Crumpet (i.e Gold Speck Nails blog was featured in a post on The Crumpet that featured a photo of her waffle nails and I died because they are the best idea evar). Also because my dear blogging friend/birthday club fellow/nail art challenge partner-in-crime Kerrie's family cat died recently and I felt super sad about it. So here we are!

indirect sunlight
Perhaps these nails look semi-familiar? The base design for this one is from this post unveiling my new blog layout. I layered on a lot of DL Glitter in the Air on my ring and pinkie - loveeee it; it's so magical and milky and delicious in my hot little hands!! The ice cream is OPI Pink Friday with some white highlights. Pusheen was done with Pure Ice Kiss Me Here and the cat details are Orly Decoded (hands down favorite grey right now).

Isn't Pusheen adorable?! You can see more cuteness here.


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