August 12, 2012

Project Runway: Women on the Go

Ah. So. This season of Project Runway has (or rather, had) some great and interesting people to watch on it. It's been fun and entertaining to watch, but the designs are just sort of...not wow-ing me at all. I've said it before, but mostly I just don't feel like I fit any of the designer's aesthetics. There are some designers that have great personal taste that I really, really admire and adore - Sonji, Melissa when she tones it down (that simple black dress she wore while her poor model was drowning in five flowy shirts on the runway was so cute), and Fabio. Long story short: I'm feeling challenged because there isn't a lot of inspiration from the designers right now. A lot of the designs on this week's episode were great dresses - that would have been so much better (for me) if they were in jewel tones, instead of black, grey, and mustardy-beiges. I picked a design that went against the pack for funsies!

nails photographed with flash

Revlon Jaded Night, ChG Sea Spray, Orly Decoded - taken with flash
I chose Alicia's outfit from this episode because it was different from everyone else's. I think I'm partial to the model's curly hair, too (because I have curly hair, which you would be unaware of from my old profile photo)! But mostly I thought she stuck to her guns and did something that was cool and fresh for her target audience. I also liked the styling, so I did a nail dedicated to the awesome pumps.

Have you been watching Project Runway this season? Who are your favorites?
My favorite designers are probably Christopher and Sonji at this point. I loved the leather jacket Chris made, and I loved the way he styled his outfit on the runway. My favorite people to watch were Buffi and Koon, but they're gone now :'( I wish Fabio would make things more similar to his own personal style, because I love his funky accessories and would totally wear that sort of stuff - not a dress that shows off my fish whistle!

Don't forget to check out what Bee and Jewli have done for their favorite designs! And let me know who your favorite was this week in the comments :)


  1. This week was so blah!!! I love what you came up with!!

  2. love the mani.
    My main reason to watch every season is Tim of course. He's so awesome. This season hasn't really grabbed me yet. Usually by now, I've found a couple I'm really cheering for. I think this is just off to a slow start. Everybody is quitting too! It's crazy.

  3. I love Project Runway! Haven't kept up with recent seasons, unfortunately. I'll have to catch up!

  4. I agree with you that Chris and Sonjia are the top designers for this season! They both created something perfect for this business woman challenge. I would totally wear either outfit into my office at Dish! Who do you think will be eliminated next? I think it will be Raul. I can’t wait to find out though! Luckily, I upgraded my DVR to the Hopper just in time, which lets me watch or record up to six things, or else I’d be torn between watching this and Shark Week. I also want to record this episode in case I get distracted while trying to mimic your cute nail design!


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