August 19, 2012

Project Runway: One Way Monkey

Another week, another fun Project Runway manicure! I thought the challenge to make a capsule collection in teams this week was a great concept, but I think it's really weird they didn't give the designers very much time to get it done. Sonjia was the team captain for Team 6 and they chose colors I really liked, so I picked them! Plus I don't really like silky things, or resort prints (sorry, Team 5). Dmitry is slowly but surely becoming my favorite new person to watch because his little interview snippets are so funny (like the title of this post, when he calls Ven a 'one way monkey' ahaha).

For this manicure, I used Pure Ice French Kiss (blue) with Sally Hansen Celeb City (silver foil)dots on most of my fingers to represent Melissa's blue dress with the wavy zipper down the back. On my ring finger accent nail, I used tape and did a single coat of Essie Bobbing for Baubles (navy) and then taped again and did black over it to represent Dmitry's color blocked dress with the little triangle windows in the back.

I felt sort of indifferent about this week's designs (omg, surprise surprise!),  but this time it's because I don't have a lot any personal experience whatsoever with working in an office that would necessitate this sort of wardrobe. I really liked the pencil skirt, the blue dress, and the open jacket with the leather trim on the shoulders from Team 6's designs - but they do read as young and trendy. I also thought it was really smart of Team 6 to play to their strengths and make things they were good at, instead of doing entire outfits that didn't get made properly (yes, you, Team 5). However, Team 5 did a much better job of staging photos to make it look like their ladies were at work in the editorial photoshoot portion of the challenge. So overall, this week was sort of a toss-up and no real loss with Raul leaving. I am anxiously awaiting next week's episode because I can't imagine what sorts of rude things the designers will *accidentally* say under pressure to "regular" women.

Who was your favorite this week? Are you a Team 6 or a Team 5 person??
Don't forget to check out what Bee and Jewli have done for their favorite designs! And let me know who your favorite was this week in the comments :) Bee and I chose the same dress for inspiration this week, so that's cool!


  1. Fun mani! I preferred Team 6 as well. However, as much as I loved the blue dress, I think Joanna Coles or Nina Garcia said it would be office appropriate, I thought in my head that I could never wear something so fancy in my office. I did love the blue pencil skirt and the wide leg trousers as well as Demitris dress. My favorite designer is Sanji :)

  2. One way monkey was THE best part of last weeks show. It had me cracking up when he said that.

    1. I had to pause the show for at least five minutes; I laughed so hard I cried :D

  3. One way monkey part was hilarious! I want to say that now even though I never say one trick pony! hahaha! But I was definitely a Team 6 fan.

  4. I LOVE this!! I loved Dmytri's dress too!


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