August 5, 2012

Project Runway: Designing for Designers is harddd (or so it seems)

Ah, so not only did the contestants have to work in teams - they also had to design something for a previous Project Runway designer to wear for the Emmy's. What a crazy assignment! While this episode was super entertaining - lots of fun moaning and hilarious interviews - the garments produced were...less interesting to me. I don't blame the (current) designers, more the clients because I don't think my style really matches up with what any of them wanted/I don't really go to the Emmy's that often [read: ever]. So while I preferred the white dress with the silver choker/neck-scarf-holder-thing over the actual winner of this challenge, I chose a dress that didn't even make it to the top two at all!
Behold my (sort of lame because I didn't realize until after taking photos that I needed to paint highlights, not just lowlights to make it look draped, duh) nail art inspired by Melissa + Dmitry's dress for April!

I really loved the contrast of her cool purpley-pink hair against the dress and she looked probably the coolest and most dramatic on the runway. I really loved the back of it; I can definately see myself browsing pictures of the event and wondering, "Who is THAT?!" so to me, this dress was the winner. Or maybe just her hair?

And now can we also take a moment to talk about how an old lady can act like a teenager? Lame. I was really, truly disappointed in Andrea's comments while messing up the skirt the day before the runway and her comments about feeling like going home would be a relief, then her complete denial of them on the runway during judging -__-
I'm really interested to see what the freaking heck is going on in the next episode since they edited the preview of that episode as being in.sane. (so much crying!!) Which was your favorite design this week?? Let me know in the comments!

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