August 26, 2012

Project Runway: Ah Fancy Dress

Woo hoo! Another week of Project Runway! This week's episode was interesting; I really liked the idea that the designers were helping people in this challenge. Fabio won this challenge and he created a really cool grey dress that I would totally wear myself, so I did nails to match the winner for this episode. I thought the styling was interesting; I wouldn't have worn any of those things with that dress, but the necklace was cool!

taken with flash and white balanced, finally, duh!

I did skittles of grey, then taped and did different grey patches on each nail. The polishes I used from the photo, in order are: OPI Skull & Glossbones, Revlon Hazy, Pure Ice Kiss me Here, Orly Decoded, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. These nails were fairly easy to do; I just had to be really patient. I liked the mix of greys because there are lots of different undertones at play and it looks really interesting in person.

Here are some of my thoughts from this episode!
  • Dmitry is my favorite person to watch because I think he is hilarious; he had me cracking up again with his comment about making his client 'a uh fancy dress' :D
  • Ven....oh, Ven. I don't even know where to being. As my boyfriend said, 'Dude! You're plus-sized! You're a little stocky man!!' so it is weird and sad to be so whiney about your client :( But also as my boyfriend pointed out, he/we are looking forward to Ven messing up something when the model/client is "normal" sized
  • Elena was nice this week, so they barely showed her in this episode which was sad. But when they did show her, she had some ridiculous eyelashes and nails to show!
  • I thought Gunnar's dress was awful! It was crooked and didn't fit her in the chest and the waist was way too high and ew. I don't know anyone that would wear that.
  • Did anyone else find it really insulting that they made the clients stand up there during the judging and basically bash their taste? That poor R&B artist was pretty much made fun of the entire time for getting the dress that she asked for, but they made it seem like Nathan threw her under the bus?? Bleh.
  • Hilarious to me what the judges think of as 'cool' and 'edgy' (re: the graphic designer client that Dmitry had that just looked like a walking Express ad)
  • Also hilarious but maybe more bizarre that they use the word slutty so often; it's like all the thoughts they used to say to each other during judging when the cameras weren't rolling are the ones that get put into the show now. Not that there's anything wrong with pointing out how short an outfit is, I just didn't realize we all threw around the word slutty in regards to clothes so freely...
  • Next week looks insane, especially considering that the previews they showed of Ven being an asshole turned out to exactly be Ven being an asshole. I'm nervous about all of the nervous breakdowns!
How did you like this week's episode? What was your favorite design this week?
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  1. We did the same one!! lol...I love this interpretation of it too! Blah to Ven!


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