August 29, 2012

Neon Nails v 2.0

This is an upgraded manicure! Before I took off my BFF 'Neon' nails, I taped again and added another panel of sheerish neon/jelly color to each nail. The hope was that the new color I layered would make a quadrant of a secondary color (i.e. layer blue over yellow to make green in one corner). However, nail polish is not as easy and/or predictable as regular artsy paint and while this isn't what I had in mind - it's freaking awesome!!!

From pointer to pinkie, the new colors are OPI Fly, Revlon Royal, OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-y, and Color Club Age of Aquarius. I tried to fix the line on my pointer nail which is why it looks too opaque - it's actually two coats of the color, while all the other ones are 1 coat.

Here's the Neon Nails v 1.0 in case you were wondering what the originals looked like and you didn't want to check out the original post ;p


  1. Freaking awesome is right! I actually like that it doesn't make "perfect" new quadrants too--the variation makes it that much more interesting. Excellent idea for upgrading/extending an already awesome look!

  2. This mani completely rocks Emma! You are sooo creative!!!

  3. Wow! These are awesome! Great job!

  4. I like this version even better than the original!

  5. I love the rue grafitti top coat :D So pretty over neons.


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