August 6, 2012

MSMD: Watercolor Nails

I tried my hand at watercolor nails recently; I was inspired by this tutorial by Rebecca Likes Nails, although I only used shades of blue and teal for mine. This might look familiar because it was the background to my 'animal' nails for this recent BFF Challenge post.

I did two coats of Wet n Wild French White Creme, then used China Glaze Bahmian Escape, OPI Fly and Color Club Age of Aquarius to blob and swirl with pure acetone. To be honest, I had a horrible time doing these. The fluffy brush I was using kept shedding hairs that would immediately get embedded into the then-soft layer of polish. I think I re-did my middle fingernail maybe 4 times, and just said OK FINE when there was still a hair stuck in it after all that. I'm sure that with a different fluffy brush this would be awesome (I even tried a flat brush, but it didn't work as well as the fluffy one).

sunlight lamp, no flash
So while the end result is really pretty and I got lots of compliments on this, when I first did them I was just generally annoyed. But they totally grew on me! Next time I will try the sandwich bag method from Polish and Pearls; it looks easier and less time consuming :)

Have you tried this technique yet? Any magical tips for me??


  1. This is stunning!! Watercolor manis are so cool, I need to try to do one sometime =)

  2. You don't need any tips. That is amazingly beautiful.

  3. This turned out so beautifully! Love the colours you used too. Not at all surprised you got compliments on it! ^_^


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